Monday, May 20, 2013

"Tea for Two"

One of the many charitable organizations in Austin is called St. Louise House.  This group sponsors transition houses for homeless women with children.  The group also provides these families with many essentials for setting up a new home, including bedding, linens, cookware, dishes, flatware and other such items, which the families can keep and take with them when they are ready to move into a home or apartment of their own.  Their fund raising has been quite successful; at present there are about 35 residences available as transition housing for homeless mothers and children!

A few weeks ago, the organization held their annual Spring Tea and Silent Auction, which was held at Green Pastures, an historical Victorian residence that was converted to a fine dining establishment many years ago.  The residence was left mostly intact with individual dining rooms in various rooms that once were parlors, sitting rooms,  bedrooms, etc.  It is beautifully appointed and sits among a beautifully landscaped site that is very peaceful and serene.  There are several peacocks roaming the property which lends a rather exotic feel to the property.   It was a lovely setting for the Tea and Auction.  The weather was perfect.  The food was delicious, the speaker not too long-winded, and the auction items were unusual.  In addition, there were some activities outside for the younger children.  All in all, very well done!

Ratchlet  has recently become a supporter of the organization, and as this year's theme was Mothers and Daughters, she invited me to join her along with M-T-G for "Tea for Two!"  (Well actually, in our case it was "Tea for  Three!")  As you might expect, the attendees were dressed in lovely Spring dresses and more than a few of the women wore hats....very elegant and sophisticated!

In a break from my usual routine, I actually brought my camera along!  Not only did I bring the camera, I even remembered to take a few photos!  I'm still not much of a photographer, but I thought you might enjoy seeing me and my girls out for High Tea!


Just FYI,
Ratchlet  was wearing heels, I was not!
We are  much closer in height than it looks!

M-t-G was not wearing heels and
she is a bit taller than I....sigh!
How did that happen??

As I mentioned there were several peacocks roaming around or perching in the big old oak trees! (Seeing a peacocks take a flying leap into a tree is unnerving!!) Anyway, as we were leaving, a WHITE peacock was strutting around across the street from the grounds. I don't think I have ever seen a white peacock before. It was quite stunning. Of course, it did not spread his tail as I had hoped. Still, I managed a couple of shots for those of you who have never seen one either! Truly a nice addition to an enjoyable afternoon!

A really beautiful bird....

...but when they open their mouths,
the very loud squawk that comes out
really doesn't fit their elegant look at all!! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Bits and Pieces"

Just a few little bits of this and some pieces of that....


I should not write late at night when I am on pain medication!  I said I only had one molar left.   That's not true.  I still have the molars on the upper right and one on the upper left, I just don't have any molars on the lower right or left.  I've been eating nothing but pudding and noodles for the last three days! I don't even like pudding all that much.  I'm hungry for real food! Did you realize that practically everything that is protein needs to be chewed???   And my mouth still hurts!  This hasn't been fun!   I'd better get lots of kudos and praise from my dentist when I go back to see her!  It's the least she can do after I did what she told me to do!!  :)


I don't know what happened, but the day after I wrote about the cat family that had taken over my deck, they disappeared.  We haven't seen either the cat or the kittens since!  Do you think it was something I said?


The weather has been really wonky this Spring.  It gets into the upper 80s then it plummets back into the 40s and 50s.  That is not my idea of Spring at all.  It is is supposed to be warm, maybe even HOT!!!  SNOW was predicted for Amarillo last night!  Our HVAC is flip-flopping between AC and Heat.  It's impossible to know how to dress.   I'm glad they changed the terminology to "Climate Change" because this sure doesn't feel one bit like "Global WARMING!"


The Big Guy has been very diligent about doing everything to reduce the effects of the Bell's Palsy.  He is doing Acupuncture, taking vitamins and other natural things like zinc and fish oil,  drinking a specially blended herbal concoction that sort of looks like tea but sure doesn't smell like tea!  And it has ..."things"....floating in it! Nevertheless,  I am thrilled to report that something is working.  The left side of his face pretty much looks back to normal.  This is really good news!  The second go-round has been much less dramatic than the first time!


I am going stir crazy.  I haven't been out of the house since Monday.  Four days straight!!  The pain meds are still making me groggy which has meant I couldn't drive, but I can't stand it one more minute!  I am going somewhere today....anywhere!  (And no, I'm not taking the pain meds least not until I've been outside!)


Sorry to be so grumpy, but this just hasn't been a great week!

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