Friday, June 25, 2010

"Happy Birthday"

Yep,  today's the day....people sing Happy Birthday to me all over the place.  Ratchlet called and sang to me; Little Sis sent me a virtual birthday cake; something like 25 Facebook Friends sent me Happy Birthday greetings; the Big Guy brought me yellow roses (my fav!) and a lovely handcrafted ceramic tray/plate, I expect that M-t-G will call me when she gets home from day camp; Ratchlet and the Big Guy are conspiring on some sort of dinner plans for the weekend; and today I will go to eat at one of my favorite places where I will get a free entree; AND I have a brand new book to read!!  Does this sound like a perfect birthday to you??

It sure does to me!  Wheee....


  1. Happy Birthhday!!!!
    Birthdays are wonderful. Hope you have many more Laura Q

  2. Oh Happy Birthday!
    And many, MANY happy returns of the day to you as well. Lovely things, birthdays, aren't they?

    I hope you did NO work today -- Birthday Girls must be pampered!

    And I LOVE your idea to use a fabric to pull together the rampant colors on my porch! I was born with a needle in my hand .. ouch for my Mom but good for my crafting abilities! :-)


  3. Glad you had a great day. I read recently that Ringo Starr will be 70 on July 7th. Suddenly I feel younger!

  4. Belated birthday wishes to you! I hope you got to eat at a favorite place. What book are you reading? laurie


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