Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Cappella

595!  Five hundred and ninety-five posts!  No wonder I sometimes feel like I have run out of things to say (well.....write!)  I've been blogging since July 4, 2009 and I have written 595 posts, kind of amazing, don't you think?  I've written stories, rants, silliness, tributes, and complaints; shared other people's posts, lamented over life's injustices and celebrated accomplishments both large and small.  It's a mixed bag of observations, pronouncements, and a variety of (hopefully) amusing tales.

Part of the problem I'm encountering is that my life is fairly stagnant right now.  Not a lot going on in any part of my life.  After all, how many times can one write about nothing?  Some of that inactivity is because it's winter.  In winter, I generally come as close to hibernating as it's possible for a human to do!  In years gone by, winter was still a busy time for me, life doesn't usually slow down just because it's cold and grey outside. Like everyone else, I still had as much going on as any other time of the year.  What that meant was that I still had obligations and activities that made it worthwhile to brave the cold and wind to do!   But now? Not so much!  And that means no new fodder for blog posts.

I have mentioned (a few thousand times) that I love being retired.  Not having to get up every morning and force myself out the door (no matter what the weather) to trudge off to a job is actually one of my greatest accomplishments!  I worked for  40 years!  I held responsible positions that I (mostly) enjoyed.  Met people, made friends, got involved, made a contribution!  I miss a lot of it.  But after 40 years I was done!  I earned the rest!  And I am glad to be free of the burden of obligation to a job!

Nevertheless I recognize the irony....I didn't want to work anymore so that I could enjoy other activities I loved and could spend time with friends and family whenever I wanted to.  So now I don't work, but there aren't many activities I'm involved in and I have very few friends or family near enough to spend any time with.  Hardly seems fair, does it?

I have two character flaws that are contributing (perhaps even causing) the stagnation.  I am NOT a self-motivated person.  I have never been the sort to seek out things to do just to keep busy.  The other flaw is that I have a somewhat addictive personality, thus once I find an activity I like, I spend way too much time doing it!  At this point, I have no motivation to break away from my current addiction!  I spend waaaay too much time on the computer!  Facebook, email, e-browsing (I don't buy much, I just "Windows-shop"!)  and the true time killer computer games.  There are millions of them.  The days when "computer games" meant solitaire or Pac-man are gone.  Now you can play long involved story-based games that allow you to rule the world!  You can play every board game ever invented.  You can try your luck at any TV game that has ever been broadcast.  Games of chance, games of skill, games of strategy, good games, dopey games, even educational games.  Games that accomplish nothing at all except to fill your days with wasted time.

And believe me, there isn't a whole lot about the games you play that is worth blogging about!

I think what this means is I desperately need a life!  Otherwise my next 595 posts will be nothing more than repeated lamentations that I don't have anything to write about!


  1. Time just keeps plodding on, doesn't it Mell? Sometimes exciting to the point of about to explode but who can sustain that pace so we need the slow times to regroup and take a deep breath. You are just breathing slower from all your excitement. You'll come back strong and I bet you have another 595 posts in your bag of tricks.

  2. I can relate...I do not live a very active life and find on the days I am not able to get in the car with my camera most of my days are pretty mundane and ordinary which makes blogging challenging. I just blog what happens that day or the day before. Even if it about a moth on my patio. You are a gifted writer and make everything sound fun and interesting. I admire your talent. I look forward to post 596.

  3. I think some of my writing is trite or mundane, but then when I think something is worth writing I just go ahead, damn the torpedoes and all that rot. LOL! I agree that we have earned the right to do what we want when we want. I worked in the workforce for 52 years, beginning when I was just 15, and worked menial labor for 3 or 4 years before that, so now if I want to take it easy, so what. If I write about the trite or mundane, so what. At least I am still exercising my mind. Keep up the good writing, Mel, even if it seems "trite or mundane." Go you!!!


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