Monday, March 11, 2013

"School's Out"

DISCLAIMER:   This is just a general opinion on the lifestyle that seems to have overtaken our society....everyone is too damed busy.  Here we have a chance to regroup, if we would just take that opportunity.  The post is NOT directed to any specific family, or person, or relative!  Honest, Ratchlet!

"School's Out, School's Out, Teacher let the monkeys out...."

Yep, here in Austin and most of Texas (maybe even everywhere?), this week is Spring Break for the public schools.   This makes the children very happy.  It makes the teachers very happy.  It makes the school administrators very happy.  It even makes most parents happy.  

Spring break is only a week long, just enough to give the kids a little down time to catch their breath, so to speak.  These days most kids have lives so full of activities and interests that a week off is like a grand vacation!  I wish, however, the more parents would let spring break be just what it says....a break from school (and by extension) from many of the activities they are involved in.  The kids need that time off to relax a bit, to be free of homework, band practice, sports, and tests!  I think parents should let then be free of dance class,  gymnastics, cheerleading practice, karate, piano lessons, Girl/Boy Scout meetings, and all the other things they do.   And the older they get, the worse it gets!  

They just need a rest from their busy days, filled-to-the-top schedules, and their hectic social calendars.  A lot of kids these days don't ever seem to have time to just BE.  A week with no commitments, no deadlines, no conflicts between activities, and no trying to juggle all the different things when there are multiple children in a family.

Taking this week to just sleep, relax, pamper, and rejuvenate themselves are what the families need....but very few of them will even slow down!   There are lots of people who just can't relax!   And that is a real shame!  

So to all the children, here is my advice to you:  Getting your life crammed with one activity after another is fine if you've got the energy, but a week off in the Spring?   Take a nap,  read a book, just breathe, whatever!  Using this week to do nothing is a big challenge to most kids and families and most of them are just too busy to try!  But you can do it, really!  And maybe in a week, you'll feel rested, refreshed, and ready to face the challenges for the rest of the school year!  What do you think?  Huh??  Huh?!

Yeah, that's what I thought!   :)


  1. Bravo Mellodee. I totally agree with you. perhaps you should put this in your local paper for parents and kids to read.

  2. I might add: "Kids, get outside!! Go to the park, be out in the fresh air away from the TV, video games, I pads, pods and books. Just go out and "play." I think "playing" outside is a lost art. Even during Spring break,( not here until right after Easter) I don't see kids out and about. I know that they are holed up behind the X-Box controller, or a game of some sort. Too bad for them.
    Good thing this week is not break here. We have over an inch of the white stuff on the ground and off and on flurries. Come on, Mom Nature, give us a break!

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  4. Dear Mell,
    I do not feel qualified to comment because I don't know what kids do these day. I'm not around kids any more and there are not even any little ones in my neighborhood. The kids in my family are all grown and I do not think we will have anymore. End of our line, I guess.
    Hope your weekend is special.


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