Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Cappella....again

Hi everybody, remember me?   It's only been a month (more or less) since I was able to sit myself down and actually type some words to post.  A month isn't that long, right?   Right???  Helloooo, anybody there?

Everyone is so busy these days I bet you didn't even notice I wasn't posting.  Ahem...Ok, even I don't buy that one!  For the 873 time, I am making a new promise to get back to blogging!  Truly!  Maybe this one will take.

Enough of that, let's move on, shall we?

A couple of posts ago, I was lamenting having a boring quiet life, with nothing much going on, remember?  Well, HA!  That didn't last long.  In the time since that post, I/we have:

1.  Gone on a 4 day-weekend visit to Galveston, where we barged in on Rachlet, TA and M-t-G!   Okay, we were actually invited and no barging was involved.  They rented a lovely condo right across from the ocean for two weeks and they invited us for a long Father's Day weekend.  The Big Guy had never been to Galveston and I had only been there once, so we had fun being shown around Galveston Island.  We went to a couple of museum, went to a small art fair, saw some of the tree sculptures that Galveston is famous for) drove along the sea wall, walked on the beach, ate a lot, played miniature golf on a fun course (though, even at night, it was hot!), went swimming (well, I did, Mikey never made it down to the pool.  Generally we had a great time, though I must admit, Ratchlet and company have a lot more energy that poor old Mikey and I!  We were pretty well worn out, but it was sooo worth it.  I could have stayed for days and days.  There is just something about a beach town!

2.  As an early Birthday present, my darling, precious, and generous daughter got tickets to see.....drum roll please............PAUL MC CARTNEY live, in person, right there, on stage!!   We had great seats with a completely unrestricted view of the stage.   I had never seen any of the Beatles, ever!  Even though he's 70, he gave a wonderful concert, it was long, energetic, and filled with all my favorite songs.  It was so terrific!  I'll never forget it.  At this late date in my life, I can finally say that I have actually been to 2 rock concerts!!  In the mid-70s I took Ratchlet and a couple of her friends to see Air Supply and now Ratchlet returned the favor with McCartney.  I think this is what they mean when they say "what goes around, comes around!"

I have a few photos, and I will post some.  I promise.  I have more events to write about so I'll be back!


  1. Whew! And here I thought it was something I said!!! I am so glad to have you back in blogland! I missed you. I am also glad you had a great time in the South of Texas (as opposed to the South of France) and the Paul McCartney concert was just icing on the cake of life, wasn't it? I got to see Billy Joel in concert once, also an uninterrupted view of the stage, and it was something I will never forget.
    All that being said, WELCOME BACK!!!

  2. I have missed your blogging so much. I am glad to hear you have not just been sitting around bored and miserable :) The ocean, family, and a concert with a P.M is a good way to beat the blahs. Your a lucky duck :)


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