Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Don't Blame Me"

I am so angry I could spit!  And it's Google/Blogger's fault....

I wrote a post a little while ago, nothing very important (just noting the unusual date -- 11-12-13).  But I spent some time on it.  I got it finished, proofed it, corrected spelling and other such things, and actually posted it.  Then I realized I had forgotten to label it.

I don't know if anyone every utilizes the labels for searching or whatever, but I add them just in case.

Well, I had a bit of difficulty in getting the label right.  Why is unimportant.  But I needed to go take care of something, so I shut it down.  Just the way I always do!

When I came back 10 minutes later, the whole post was GONE!  Completely and totally missing!  Not only that post (and this is what really angers me!!), but also the one I wrote on Sunday too!  GONE, GONE, GONE!!

I don't know what I did to make that happen but it certainly wasn't my intention!  So when you're looking for something new from me you won't find anything but THIS.  "Don't Blame Me!" that there's nothing new.  Google did it!


  1. Mel, Did you go into your "drafts" or saved posts and see if it was there. Blogger usually saves blogs as they are written and if the writer doesn't hit publish, it saves it as a draft until it is published. Hope you find it somewhere!

  2. blogger is more difficult and takes more time then people realize. I can only upload pictures on chrome and not internet explorer. and the text changes size from what you want it to be sometimes...etc. etc. etc.


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