Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'm back!  Just spent the last 2+weeks in my favorite places on earth....all contained in my favorite state:   Florida!!  What a time I had! 

Thanks, Janie!!  Had a great time with you, it was terrific discovering that all those "disconnected" years made not one whit of difference....true friendship survives time, distance, age, differences, and lives gone down diverse pathways.  Love you!

Rediscovered McKee's Botanical Gardens in Vero Beach, which has had a rebirth and is even more beautiful than I remembered.  Spent an afternoon at Bok Tower in Lake Wales, another gorgeous spot that is perhaps the most peaceful place in the world.  Kudos to those who are preserving and supporting these historic and unique landmarks of my childhood.

Saw several of my favorite LW people and enjoyed laughing, talking, and sharing of stories with Sharon Horton Kurschner, Kathy Manry Smith, Estelle Martin Sullivan, Faye Smith Anderson, and Charlotte Raymond Cannon.  It was so great to see you!  Hoping to be back soon!

The drive home was interesting!  The weather conspired to keep me in Florida (even Mother Nature thinks I belong there!)  With the rain, flooding, road closures, tornados, and the inundation in Pensacola (which I would have been right in the middle of had I kept to my original plan), I decided it best to hole up in a safe haven near Tallahassee for two nights.  It was a good decision but once I finally got back home on Saturday I felt like I had been driving for weeks!  Actually I guess I had.....put nearly 3200 miles on the odometer from the time I left until I got back home!

All in all it was a great trip with only a few moments of confusion (when I got lost for a bit in Houston) and sorrow (when it was time to head for home) and regret (when I realized I had not taken a single photograph of the people and places I had seen....again!) 

Thanks, everyone, it was lovely!

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  1. You spent the time making memories in your head, rather than interrupting the fun times with a camera or phone. Well done!

    I have missed you in blogland although I no longer contribute like I used to do. However, I read how others are doing and wondered where you went.


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