Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"What's the Use of Wonderin'"

A bunch of things I just don't get:

1. Why bicyclists insist on riding directly ON the white line -- Don't they know that the cars and trucks whizzing by are bigger than they are? Lots bigger!

2. Why many men seem to think it is OK to spit outside, in the grass, on the street, in the driveway -- I know that NO mother EVER taught her son that was a cool thing to do!! Ewww!

3. Why, no matter how carefully and often I proof read every piece of my written material, it is not until AFTER it is posted, published, sent, or copied that I discover the mistakes -- Sooo embarrasing!!

4. Why Ladies' Restrooms in public place are routinely the coldest places in the entire building -- Does no one understand that women must get half-naked to use the facilities?? Cripes!

5. Also, why there are rarely enough stalls to accommodate the number of women who require their use -- An auditorium with 3,000 seats cannot get by with four stalls! Do the math!

6. Why so many kids who graduate from college these days seem to know less than I knew at High School graduation -- Where are the great teachers who don't settle for less than the best from their students??

7. Why so many men seem to be born knowing how to back into a parking space -- Watch one sometime, its amazing!

8. Rap and HipHop -- don't get it, never will, and I don't care!

9. Who decided it was OK for women's lingerie to show -- Having bra straps visible is just sloppy looking.

10. 8 hot dogs, 10 buns -- Totally unfathomable!

11. Why there are a gazillion choices in the grocery stores -- And why the one I want doesn't exist anymore!

12. Why people feel totally OK with practically screaming into their cell phones in public places -- Who wants to hear all of these conversations that should be private?

13. Why some restaurants have multiple TVs, music over the speakers, and the juke box playing all at the same time -- Bring on the ear plugs!

14. Why women of a certain age seem to become invisible -- This one's kind of scary actually! I know I'm still breathing, I can feel it.

"What's the Use of Wonderin" about any of these, right? Pondering unanswerable questions just gives me a headache. I think I'll go bed instead!

* * * * * * * * * * *

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