Sunday, July 15, 2012

"I Don't Want to Mention Any Names"

Don't you just love it when a name is witty, clever, and/or cute?  I am not, of course, speaking of people's names.  Who wants to be named Ima Hogg or Ura Hogg??  (They were real people!  Seriously!)  Yes, it's a clever word play, but not really nice at all!  Certainly not a nice thing to do to your children!

There are other areas however, where word play leads to a name of a business, (or a book, or a color) a real delight for those of us who love words and the use of them.

The very first time I remember  encountering a real-life cleverly named business was back in Chicago around 1972 or so.  (I'm sure they existed before then, but this was the first business I actually SAW that made me laugh out loud.  It was a hair salon on North Clark St. and was called "Curl Up and Dye."  I was driving by one day and saw it.  I had to pull over, I was laughing so hard!  Since that time I have come across the name in multiple places but to me, that's where it came from and all the rest are copy cats!

Since that time I've seen lots of other business with witty monikers.  I can't help but giggle when I see The Enchanted Florist, or Wok and Roll, or Cutie Pie!  Those are real businesses here in  Austin.  There are many others (that I can't think of right now) in Austin, after all "Keep Austin Weird" is more than a slogan!

The most recent one I saw was for an online retailer.  The name was "Ottoman Empire"  and they sell....ottomans and footstools!!  That is subtle and clever and effective!   Now if it's too subtle for you, just Google The Ottoman Empire for the "real" definition.

There is another online site that I came across recently called Mod Cloth.  They sell clothes (no surprise there!), but each dress is given a name.  And they really play around to come up with creative names.  They make me smile a lot....sometimes I even giggle!  For instances....

*  Light brown summer dress??      Safari the Eye Can See
*  A raincoat??                              Waterway to Go
* A romantic black top??               I'm in Louvre!
*  A Polka Dot dress??                 Dot a Worry in the World
*  A party dress??                         Master of My Fete!
*  A Printed Tee w/ 2 giraffes??     Neck and Neck
*  A bright orange dress??             Tender Loving Carrot
*  Swirly dress for dancing??         Outside the Box Step

And my personal favorite (so far)???

*A light weight short coat???        Hit the Bricks, Jack(et)!!   

Don't you just love it!??  Their clothes are cute too!  
Here's a link:  
 (Sorry, you have to cut and paste, for some reason my computer doesn't like to paste in links!  I'm probably doing it wrong!)

New Arrivals - Keep Palm and Carry On Leggings
Keep Palm and Carry On Leggings

I was going to write about some Nail Polish Colors and Names of Books (particularly mysteries), but that would probably be overkill.   I'll save those for another day.

Besides it is raining cats and dogs complete with lightening and very LOUD thunder.  I think it's time for me to get the heck off the computer!


  1. OMG! What a post! I was reading it out loud to my daughter who is the maven of gently used and vintage clothes, and she practically lept to the computer to look up "Mod Cloth." I am always on the lookout for cutsie names of businesses. Please keep up the list. Daughter wants to hear the nail polish names, cause she and a BGF go for pedicures frequently, and about got kicked out of the salon because they were laughing so hard at the names of the polishes. She actually came home with "Strip-tease Red." Need I say more?

  2. Love all those funny names. I will pop over and check that place out- xo Diana

  3. Mellodee, a fun post and yes Inhave seen many businesses with cute names but now can't think of a single one. Some obvious hair salon names Imhave seen are: Snips, A Cut Above, Scissors. The exterminator we have used is Bug-B-Gone.

  4. Believe it or not ...I pass a dog grooming shop not far from here called Doggie Style. Thanks for the giggles. Dee

  5. Love it, Mellodee! I'm a new follower of your delightful blog!

  6. I know!! Some parents name there kids based on what they think is "funny" or "cute" and they don't look ahead and choose a name that will benefit their child in the long run.


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