Thursday, October 25, 2012

Election 2012

May I offer one other very important piece to consider?

During the next President's term (the next 4 years), it is likely that there will be two vacancies on the Supreme Court due to age and poor health. The two justices are both moderates. The job of appointing replacements will fall to whomever is President at the time, in this case, either Romney or Obama. If Romney is elected, those appoin
tments would most assuredly be for 2 extreme conservative justices. If that happens, it is all but guaranteed that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. Once that happens, women's health and reproductive rights will take a giant step backward. I don't want my daughter or my granddaughter to be treated like chattel or property (is that the same thing??) or incapable twits who have their lives and their health controlled by the political and religious fanatics of the extreme right. Do you??

I'm not a political person as a rule, but this is too important an issue to ignore. The only way to ensure that those positions on the Supreme Court are not filled by some rabid, fanatical Conservative is to vote for Obama. Voting for any other candidate will not work. Whoever, is appointed could be on the Court for DECADES. We need sanity on the Court to keep women from being treated some lesser species, with no rights at all.

Vote for Obama for the sake of women everywhere....please!

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