Friday, August 7, 2009


Just so you know, I don't cook anymore. I used to cook but that was a while ago ~~ a long while ago! My mom didn't like to cook either, so I come by it honestly. While I can handle a recipe or make a simple meal, I really don't enjoy cooking. So when Ratchlet went off to college, Mikey and I changed our eating patterns and he did most of the actual cooking.

This worked pretty well, but as the years went by, Mikey started working nights and then last December after working for 35 years, I finally, officially took early retirement. (Pensions are a great thing!) Now there is no one to cook for but me. I didn't like cooking for the family; cooking for just myself just doesn't seem worth the effort. Most nights I would just skip it entirely and eat cookies or chips! Well, you can get really tired of cookies, believe me.

I solved the problem by visiting several of my favorite restaurants frequently. Eating is so much more interesting when someone else prepares the meal, brings it to you, refills your iced tea, and cleans up after you! (Remember, I told you I was basically lazy!) Yes, it costs a bit, but instead of sitting home alone, forcing down a dry sandwich while I watch some tired re-run on TV, now I get mostly balanced meals, have people to talk to, somewhere to sit and read after the meal, and no work! For me its worth the money.

I'll probably get tired of it sooner or later, then I'll have to come up with Plan B. In the meantime, I'm happy and well-fed and suppertime is no longer an exercise in angst! Whoo-hoo!

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