Friday, August 21, 2009

"Sisters, Sisters"

One of the great mysteries of the world to me is how two children of the same parents, living in the same household, with the same upbringing can turn out to be so utterly and completely different! Over the years I have had multiple occasions to ponder this when Little Sis and Big Sis (that's me) have discovered yet again that we are nothing at all alike.

My sister is a lot younger than I (the first strike against her!) I'm sure just that fact alone is responsible for many of the differences. I didn't have an older sister when I was growing up. She didn't have a younger sister. Also our folks were older, the world was changing, etc. Those kinds of things were just the way it was.

Our temperments differ so much. I am a spendthrift, Little Sis is frugal. I love to sing, dance, act, perform in public. Little Sis would rather be in the audience. School came easy for me, she had to work at it. Yet she is a professional (pharmacist), I was a glorified secretary. I am not at all a homebody. Little Sis is a soccer mom, a band mom, crafter, and outdoorsy. I despise sports and outdoorsy things and I have thousands (well, several) unfinished craft projects lying around. I am independent, totally willing to travel by myself, be alone, drive across county. Little Sis hates to eat in a restaurant by herself, doesn't enjoy being alone, and would never drive any distance by herself lest she get lost or fall asleep on road trips. I'm assertive, even confrontational, and want to work out differences immediately. Little Sis would do almost anything to avoid conflict, any conflict. She doesn't yell. She rarely shares her opinions out loud. People take advantage of her, but she doesn't fight back. She drives me crazy sometimes and I drive her crazy sometimes.

Still, despite our differences, we love each other very much. No one can make me laugh the way she can and vice versa. We tease each other, support each other, listen to each other, commiserate, reminisce, and sympathise with each other. She and I are very different but in one thing we are exactly alike....we are "Sisters" and nothing comes between us, ever!

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  1. I certainly can relate to these. We must be kindred spirits after all these years.

  2. Absolutely! Kindred spirits are worth keeping!!


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