Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"The Counting Song"

Today my mind is filled with minutae....which makes it a perfect time for a List! 
The topic for today?  10 Things I Love About Blogging!

10.  You can find Bloggers writing on just about anything!  Quilting, Care Giving, Music, Kids, Crafts, name it.  Somebody is sure to be writing about it.

9.   You can find Blogs with great photographs taken by real people, not just professional photographers.  Photos that are lovely, funny, sad, cute, touching, amazing.  Photos documenting not so ordinary lives and the planet we are lucky enough to call home.

8.  You can find Bloggers that make you think, or make you cry, or make you laugh.  Good writers that can express thoughts so clearly or beautifully that it makes you re-think how you feel about a lot of things!

7.   You can find Bloggers that understand design, graphics, color who create pages, and memes, and buttons, and such that just make you feel good!

6.  Bloggers support one another in good times and the not so good times.  They share their tears, hopes, fears, laughs, ambitions.  No matter how extreme, there will be someone on your side! 

5.  Blogging allows  you to express your feelings about anything!  It's your place to share.

4.  You will find Bloggers who build your ego by telling you they love your writing style.  They can make you feel like your Pulitzer is on its way!

3.  Bloggers are real people telling about their real lives in real time.  They can make you feel like you are right there and a part of their lives.

2.  You can find Bloggers that you know would be a hoot to hang around with....and it can make you wish you could meet them in real life to share a pot of tea.

1.  Bloggers can make you realize that you don't have to be stuck where you are.  There are always options and role models to inspire you to do something new.  Change can be a friend.  What a concept!!

So yep, I love Blogging, and I love that so many people are willing to let the rest of us into their lives.  Thanks to my BloggerBuds and Visitors and Lurkers and Commenters.   Thanks for letting me sing along!


  1. A big ol' "Amen" from this corner! :)

  2. Yes, I totally agree--blogging is wonderful! It's not for everyone, but I've gotten so much out of it in the past two years. Love it!

  3. I really like this list. It is so true! Blogging opens up our hearts, our minds, and our eyes to so many people and experiences that we could never have by just sitting in front of the t.v.! I feel like I know a lot of bloggers better than I know friends that I have had for years. laurie

  4. When I started blogging, I thought my daughter and one or two of her friends were the only ones who would read it. I did it mainly as a way to capture some family stories. But over the last 3 years I've made some online friends who hold a very special place in my life! And reconnected with friends like you!


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