Sunday, July 11, 2010


Three times today, I sat down to write.  Three times today, I ended up erasing what I wrote.  Three times today I came up with exactly "Nothing!"  So I am officially giving up.  I was thinking about you all and I wanted to be a good blogger.  But absolutely nothing seemed worth saying.  Sorry all!

Maybe tomorrow, "Nothing" will turn into "Something".


  1. Even though you had nothing to say, you didn't give up. You are a good blogger because you write.

    I read on a writing site that when you have nothing to write about, read other blogs, they will give you ideas.

  2. "And I felt.... nooothiiiing!"

    Had to have my Chorus Line moment!

  3. I can totaly relate my friend.:)

  4. That's ok...I never post every day. We will be here!

  5. Even when you write about "nothing", it's fun to read. You have such a talent for writing. laurie

  6. So... SK Waller found this cool site, "I write like.."

    I put your last blog post in and had it analyzed...

    It says you write like Kurt Vonegurt! We miss reading your prose, please give it one one try.

  7. Haha... oh MAN this is familiar!
    I am having blogger block; it's a good thing I had Dion and the Belmonts to write about today!

    (They got that nickname at birth; I was the midwife for the whelping and when Dion was born he was "singing" -- meaning complaining loudly about the inconvenience of birth! Since it was a D litter I said he should be named "Dion" ---- and naturally his siblings became the Belmonts!)
    thanks for visiting!

  8. Your nothing post sure gets a lot of comments! :-D I've had some blogger block recently too. It's frustrating.

  9. I had to give up writing as often as I used to. Have to be in the right frame of mind to write. Even with a periodic "dark" day, you still write a lot and well!


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