Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Bits and Pieces" (ad infinitum)

Just a few bits of this and some pieces of that....

*****  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who made comments, sent Happy Anniversary wishes, and kept reading faithfully each day during my 45th Anniversary Marathon!!  (I bet you thought I'd NEVER stop writing about it!)
The annual bouquet of absolutely gorgeous yellow roses appeared again this year!  We had a lovely celebration dinner with Ratchlet and M-t-G, (poor T.A. had to work!)   But this is the end, no more posts about the 45th anniversary!  Really, I'm done.

***** Rather than sitting home on Saturday night, as we seem to be doing more and more, we decided to go to the movies!!   We don't often go to see a film anymore; in fact, I'm pretty sure that the last movie I went to see was "Mamma Mia"!!  When was that?  Three years ago??  Hollywood is not fond of people like us.  We only go to see something that is worth seeing!  So what did we see??  "King's Speech!"  It was wonderful with incredible performances by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.   Everyone else has probably already seen it, but if you haven't, GO!  It deserves every one of the awards that were heaped upon it!! 

*****   Hmmmm, it just occurred to me that Colin Firth was in "Mamma Mia" too!  So I've seen 2 films in the last 3 or 4 years and Colin Firth was in both.  Coincidence???  :)

***** Just a little mini-rant regarding another word usage misuseage that just annoys the heck out of me.  Since when is it appropriate and correct to say "gifted" instead of "gave me a gift"????   Is it that tough to say those additional three little words??  "Gifted" has a completely different meaning (as in a gifted child).  Using gifted incorrectly, is confusing and it grates on my ears and my nerves.  So everybody.....cut it out!   Thanks you!

*****  I finally got myself in gear and made an appointment with the hairdresser to have my hair cut.  I continually forget how fast my hair grows, before I know it, I've got this long mop of hair that I can only wear in a pony tail!  It is so nice to have it short again!  Short is easy peasey!    People have been known to say that short makes me look younger too.....I'll take it!

*****  My car evidently decided that it was tired and needed a rest because last Friday my "check engine" light came on.  That is a nifty little gadget that no one understands it's meaning!  It's a little catchall phase that could mean any number of different things, and you must take it to a dealer in order to find out!   I took the car into the dealer and it took them until Monday afternoon to determine that there wasn't anything wrong!  Auto mechanics can no longer just stick their heads under the hood, jiggle a few wires, tap on a few mysterious hoses and moving parts, and listen to the engine to know what is wrong!  No more!  Now it's all computerized!  You have to have a piece of equipment that can read and interpret the code causing the light to come on in order to find out what the problem is.  Unfortunately, the sensors that trip the light are not always accurate.  They can give false or conflicting results.  And it takes several days to determine that the light was wrong!  What a pain!!  At least they didn't charge me anything!  Although the car that I had to rent for four days, cost me over $200!!  Thanks a lot, car!  You couldn't have spit out that information within half an hour of our arrival to the dealer???   Arrgghh!


  1. Once again, congrats on the 45! Yellow appropriate for a gal in Texas. You know, the song, Yellow Rose of Texas...oh well, maybe you had to be there! HA!
    I know the feeling about the car. My ck,eng. light came on this winter one day. I stopped in at Auto Zone here in town and they have this nifty gadget that they hook up under the dash and scan, and it tells you what is wrong immediately. There was a misfire in the engine, it said, and I remembered then that earlier at the WalMart parking lot, it started and died after wheezing a little. Then it restarted with no problem. Well, the Auto Zone wizard reset the computer thingy and I have had no more problems since. Took all of 5 minutes, and was free. If your ck. eng. light comes on again, try Auto Zone if you have one in the area. They are amazing. (Except for the asst. mgr. being a total asshat to me because Prof had a date with him and refused to go out with him again. Blog fodder for some day.)

  2. Hi Mellodee!
    I was so happy to read your comment on my blog and know I am not alone. I also think that after two years of blogging and seeing other blogs that began at about the same time, race by me in followers and comments, that I feel I am not producing.

    Insecurity has probably set a teenager that worries about her clothes she wears to school. Remember those days when you wanted to be "in style?" Well, that is what is happening to me, I think!

    I will go see any movie that Colin Firth is in! I love his acting.
    Do take care, my friend and thank you for your sweet visit...and your honesty!

  3. I loved The King's Speech! We don't actually go to the movies very often (although a bit more than you do!!) - rather get them through Netflix and relax at home. But every once in awhile we need a "big screen" and really salty popcorn fix.


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