Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Cappella #5

I feel like I kind of need to bring a note from my mother, asking that you please excuse my absence from blogging for the last week!  I just did not have a single idea that I could work up enough interest in to write about.  I was dry as a bone.  Nothing clever, witty, funny, interesting, or earth-shaking appeared on my writer horizon and soooo, I was quiet.  Very, very quiet for a whole week!  Yikes!

I'm sorry about that!  It wasn't intentional.  Every day I would sit at the computer and stare at a blank screen til I would admit I had nothin'!  Then I went shopping or played a game or read a book.  Maybe my mind needed some time off! 

The blockage appears to be gone, so I have returned!  I don't know if anyone cares, but I know that despite the emptiness, some faithful folks came by anyway.  Such good friends!

Actually for the first time, I lost a follower this week.  Oh no!  I don't think I am taking it personally.  I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with blogs to read.  Still, if I'm not writing enough or the right things to be interesting to my readers, I understand losing followers (sort of).

And in case I don't say it often enough, I treasure each of you who takes the time to read my ramblings.  I truly do! 

Oh, I hope you all had a Happy Passover,  lovely and Happy Easter, or nice weekend (which ever is apropos for you!)

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  1. My brain has been "dry as a bone" for several months! I wrote on my blog so often the first couple of years that I ran out of things to say! So, no fear, we've all been there (or are still there). Glad that's all it was. I was just about to send you an email to see if everything was okay!


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