Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Follow-Up

Yesterday in one of my Dear So and So letters, I asked that who ever was judging the AISD (Austin Independent School District) Regional Grammar School Science Fair to pay attention to a certain 5th Grader and her project on Reading Facial Expressions.

At this age, it is not a competition between the kids (that comes in middle school and high school), this is judged on the basis of how well the project fit the guidelines, how well it was executed, how effective was the presentation, whether or not the premise was met, and so know, the nuts and bolts of doing a science project.

Well, due to absolutely nothing to do with me,  my blog, my letter, my request, or anything about my family or the judging of the fair....M-t-G received a FIRST PLACE ribbon today!!!  There were more than 1,000 (!!) projects from schools (3rd, 4th, and 5th grade kids) all over Austin (I think).  I have no idea how many of the projects were from 5th graders or how many first place ribbons were given out...but that doesn't matter. 

The point is our very smart little cookie got a blue ribbon for 1st Place!  Her project met all (or most of ) the criteria and she earned the right to be in the winners circle!!  What a thrill for her!!  (What  a thrill for all of us!)  And I am a very proud Grammy tonight!

Pardon me while I brag just a little.....our Maddie is one special kid!  She keeps amazing us with her abilities!

Nothing should surprise us about her, she has been unique from the day she was born!


  1. way to go!! congrats to your grand daughter!! a great accomplishment! the winners circle is a great place to be!

  2. That is awesome! The topic of her project sounds interesting too!

  3. That is so neat. I've been away from kids and school for a long time and it's so refreshing to hear there is still that competitive spirit. It's a good prelude to life's experiences.


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