Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Little Kid Sister of Mine"

After five wonderful days of visiting, shows, memories, hugs, and lots of laughing, we dropped off that "Little Kid Sister of Mine" at the airport about four hours ago.  Her visit was just the best!  The only thing that could have made it better is if we had been able to convince her to stay longer or even better, to move here to Austin.  Despite my very best efforts, she had to return to Phoenix.  But I'll keep working on her!

We crammed a lot into those five days she was here.  Wednesday evening we talked and caught up on all sorts of things that tend to be overlooked when you only communicate by phone, email, or Facebook.  Thursday was Maddie-the-Great's class play and D, the Great Aunt, was able to see it!  That made M-t-G very excited!  My pick-up rehearsal was cancelled for that night, so I was able to go too! 

It was a darling show with the entire fifth grade participating.  They recreated the songs and characters from "School House Rock",  a TV kid's program most of their parents grew up with.   And, yes, they included "Conjunction Junction"!  It was a very cute program and the kids were great.  M-t-G sang in the chorus and her Mom and Dad and Grammy and Great Aunt D were pleased as punch to be there!

We went out for dinner afterward and talked and laughed some more!

Friday Little Sis and I did a little bit of thrift shopping and then after dinner she came to see my show and she enjoyed it.  We hung around with the cast for a bit after the show and I think she got a feel for what I mean when I chatter on about theater folks! 

Saturday afternoon, Mikey cooked for us and we had a real family dinner, just like old times.  Afterward, Ratchlet, T.A., and Little Sis came to see the show (seeing it twice is definite proof she loves me! lol!) while M-t-G stayed here and played Nerf wars (or something!) with her Poppa. 

Today, we all got together for lunch and our last chance for chatting and catching up.  Then off to the airport we went!  Little Sis should be arriving home before too long.  We had a wonderful visit and I am so very glad that she was able to stay for five whole days!

I'm sure Little Sis will be glad to get back to her own home and her own bed.  But, if I could, I'd get her back here permanently.  I think my best tactic would be to work on my niece and nephew to convince one or both of them to move to Austin, then getting my sister here would be a slam dunk!!

Now I must admit, just reading over the above, the visit doesn't sound all that interesting or challenging, but, au contraire, my friends, au contraire!  I mentioned awhile back that Little Sis fell and broke her wrist.  Well, the break was much worse than I realized.  Her hand was pretty much disconnected from her arm!   She has three pins sticking out of her arm inside the cast.   She brought her x-ray to show us.  Major EEK!! 

Even after nine days, she is still in a lot of pain and had to ice her arm a couple of times a day.  She was taking Ibuprofen to ease the pain and bring down the swelling.  And several times a days I would see her face go kind of pale, she'd go still, her eyes closed, and I'd hear a quick intake of breath, and I knew that somehow she had hit it, or move it, or someone had bumped into it.  You could just see how much it hurt!!  It was painful to see!  And there wasn't anything we could do but wait for it to go away!  Poor thing!

Even though she is right handed and she broke the left wrist, there are lots of things she cannot do!  I helped her with her socks and sneakers every day.  I washed her hair for her.  Someone had to open sugar packets for her and on and on.  She had gotten to the point that she could dress herself as long as she wore something that buttoned down the front!  I don't know how she is managing by herself!

One of the reasons we couldn't talk her into staying longer (because she will be off work for 4-6 weeks!!), is that those pins I mentioned have to be "tapped in" by the doctor on Tuesday.  "Tapped in???"  Seriously??   OOOOWWWWWWIIIIIEEEE!  OW, OW, OW!  That makes my tummy go all wonky just to think about.  Icky, icky, pooh!

So this whole trip was a real challenge for her.  But that just makes me all the more grateful that she came anyway!  You are a champ, kiddo!  I was so glad that you came and I'm sooo sorry that your arm pained you so much in the process.  All her life Little Sis has been a joy in my life!  "That Little Kid Sister of Mine" is a great sister and I'm immensely glad that she's mine!

So, thanks Little Sis!  Having you here was a real treat.  It was great to see you.  I hope your arm gets better very, very soon.   And I know that this puts the ball directly in my court and that tables have turned!  (In other words, it's my turn to visit her!)  I'll try to manage a visit someday before too long, but I'll try to be sure that it is with two "whole" arms!

Love you bunches, Little Sis!


So, would you like to hear about the enormous bonus gift that came along with Little Sis's visit??  Well, come back tomorrow and I'll tell you!


  1. That sounds like a great visit! So great to spend time with a sis. :)

  2. I wouldn't have missed it for the world and if I could have stayed longer, I would have. You are the best Big Sis in the world! LS

  3. Ow Ow Ow!!! Just reading that made my insides do funny things...geez. I can't believe your sister got on a plane with all the bumping that goes on in the isles of the plane! She must really love you a lot!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing your next post :)

  4. How wonderful that you two were able to spend time together. My time with my older bro is drawing to a close. I go back home on Friday. Spending time with him has been real treat. We've spent a lot of time remembering our childhood, and being "young" again if only for a few minutes. He promises to come to Indiana in June to visit me when it's warmer. These are the times that make life most precious. Glad you had the time with your sis. Makes life worth living, doesn't it?


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