Monday, January 30, 2012

A Capella

Okay. I know I've been very remiss in writing but you all know the reasons why.  I can sum it up in two business!  Only two more weeks and it will be done (at which point I will become depressed for a while...just a little warning.  lol!)

Even though there are words actually appearing in my blog space with today's date, this isn't really a blog post.  This is more of a "I can't believe it" post.  Have you ever had one of those moments?? 

My sister is arriving on Wednesday, so I am "sprucing up the house and sweeping out the bed" ("Steel Magnolias").  One of the chores I had to do was to finish up some laundry that I have been putting off.  There really wasn't much but it was all blouses and shirts....with buttons.  I hate hanging up shirts and blouses 'cuz you have to button at least some of the buttons ( I swear buttons shrink over time and so do the holes they are supposed to fit through!!), and get the collar to lay just right.  It's just a pain.  I'm not really a detail person for this kind of thing.

I debated if I should split the load, but there really wasn't that much.  It all needed to get done so I chucked it all in the washer, added soap, hit the cold water cycle, and went on my merry way.  A pattern I have repeated a gazillion times over the course of the 50+ years I have been doing laundry.

When the cycle finished, I started to put the stuff in the dryer.  But then I noticed a pink shirt.  I don't own a pink shirt.  Uh-oh!  I pulled out a few more things and found another pink shirt and a pink-ish blouse.  About this time I started to get a headache.  Down at the bottom of the washer was one of my favorite blouses....a salmon colored 100% silk shirt that I just love.  A 100% silk shirt that has been dry cleaned in the past.  Oh crap!  I didn't even realize it was in that bundle.

Did I mention that I mixed together whites and colors?  I have done that before and it was okay.  But I never washed the salmon-color shirt before.   So I now had three pink shirts and I don't even like pink very much!

The pink sisters are currently going through another cycle; this time with bleach.  Hopefully this will return them to their pristine white!  (Well, I've got my fingers crossed!)

I'm afraid the salmon colored, 100% silk, wonderful shirt that I loved may not recover.

The only bona fide good news is that none of Mikey's shirts were in the load!   Whew!  He REALLY wouldn't like to have pink shirts.

I can't believe it!  How could I not have caught the salmon shirt?  I mean it's practically orange!!Arrrggg!


  1. Not such a bad thing. Pink is a pretty color. I'm sorry about the silk shirt, tho. Might be hard to replace. On the occasion that I have done the same thing, I have used "White Rit" color remover and whitener. It seemed to remove the blue from my otherwise white underwear. Not even sure where the blue came from, but suspect a blue bandanna! LOL!
    Have fun with your sister. My visit here is winding down, and I go back to reality next week!
    And yes, I meant tinsel. Understand that as a former research chemist,(before teaching) I tested tensile strength of products. You knew what I meant, though! You pill!!!

  2. oh wow..that stinks!!
    the very first time my oldest son did his laundry a pen exploded on his new ($300worth!) school uniforms....every one ruined! augh!


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