Monday, February 20, 2012

"Talk to the Animals"

One of the things I love about blogging is coming across a post from another blogger that strikes a chord....for whatever reason! Today was one of those times. And I just have to share!

I visited "My Four Bubs....Finding Humor in the Everyday Chaos", one of my favorite bloggers. She writes about her life with their three boys and their little sister, four of the cutest kids ever!  One of the boys turned 3 years old this week and to celebrate, the family went to visit the zoo in their town. I enjoyed this post so much I have brazenly "lifted" parts of it to share with you!  Thanks Brandi!

Go and visit "My Four Bubs" when you can, it is sure to give you a few smiles.  Here's a link to this posting: 


(Boy was not part of the exhibit!)

BB was really excited to see all (five of) the 'aminals' at our (tiny) Zoo.....And that about wraps up our Zoo.

Yep, that's it! Just five different kinds of tiger, two rhinos, one parrot, two parakeets, and a goat!   ROFLMA!!! Oh God, I can't stop laughing every time I think about it!!  I mean, what kind of zoo only has five kinds of animals?? 

Now please understand, I am NOT being snide or snarky.  I think it's great for any town to provide a zoo so kids (and grown ups) can see some of the less common animals without having to travel to the big zoos.  This is a town that provides what it can.  Not every town tries this hard.  And they have done a decent job of representing the wide range of fauna in our world....mammals from faraway places, mammals as close as the nearest barnyard,  winged creatures blessed with the ability to FLY!
As large as a rhino to as small as a parakeet!  See what I mean?  It's just like Wild Kingdom in miniature!

Still....pardon me while I giggle some is a pretty tiny zoo as zoos go.  It isn't the sort of zoo you could spend a whole day at!  It wouldn't make much of a class trip!  They could see the whole thing at recess!

Hey, you know if somebody in town would donate a couple of goldfish, they could add an aquarium and increase the size of the zoo by about 16%, and not affect the food budget by very much at all!   Goldfish hardly eat anything!  (Well, ok, that was a little bit snide and snarky! lol!!)

And if the town has a resident Dr. Dolittle who wants to "Talk to the Animals," it wouldn't have to be a very long conversation.  The good Doctor would only need to talk to the tiger, rhinos, and goat!  The parrot and parakeets can talk to each other!

[Laughing out loud again....I just crack myself up sometimes!]


  1. Your comment was so sweet, but please don't say I make you feel like a "pretender"! I love my visits to your blog. Besides, that's what's so wonderful about the world of blogs. Everybody has a voice and ideas to express. Vive la individuality!!

  2. I followed you from Pamela Terry's blog. Whilst Pamela is in that 2% category (a measure we have when someone is exceptionally artistic), your blog has captured my interest.

    As your new follower I look forward to knowing you and to you comments

    Helen xx


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