Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Counting Your Blessings"

Sometimes we are not as focused as we should be on what a holiday is truly about.  Life gets busy.  We get hung up in the trappings of the day.  We neglect to take time to think about what is important.

Thanksgiving is perhaps the easiest holiday to actually prevent that from happening.  It's right there in the name:  Thanksgiving.  Giving thanks.  Being grateful for all that is good in our lives.  Acknowledging our triumphs.  "Counting Your Blessings."  Taking the time to understand that even in the worst of times there are still blessings in our lives.

Tomorrow is the day that we all (or at least most of us) will celebrate the bounty in our lives.  Sharing a day with our families, being glad for our good fortune and knowing that even though life could be better, it most definitely be worse....much worse.

A blessing which we in Blogland share....the love, support, and gratitude for our cyber friends.  I am grateful for each and every one of you. I wish you all a joyous day celebrating with your friends and family, all that you have, all that you love, all that  brings you happiness.  I will be doing the same!

As has become my custom, below is my annual list of what I am thankful for over and above all the basic goodness of life:

26 Things I am Grateful For  -  2012

Today I am grateful for....

1.  Artichokes, Asparagus, and Avocados....definitely "The A List"....yum-yum!

2.  Blogging....even though I am struggling with writing just now, I will not give it up!

3.  Choirs....a group of people lifting voices in song with glorious harmonies and beautiful music.  Pure pleasure!

4.  Doughnuts....a perfect glazed, raised, round, light as a feather, nugget from heaven!

5.  Elections....grateful I live in America were it is my right and my duty and my privilege to cast my vote!  Also glad that the elections have ENDED for this round!

6.  Freedom! live in a country at a time when Freedom remains real and true and treasured!

7. there any better example of how evolution works to adapt each species to its own needs?

8.  Hearing....a baby's laugh, a barking seal, a cry for help, the voice of one you love...

9.  Intelligence....the ability to think, innovate, problem-solve, create, and learn!

10.  Jokes....Funny stories, witty one-liners, puns, satire....all that keep us laughing!

11.  Kids....Especially your own!  The best thing ever, the hope of the future, the miracle of birth, the gift of love!

12.  Language....the ability to speak, to communicate, to share, to express, to amaze, to say exactly what you mean!

13.  Men....Fathers, uncles, boyfriends, sons, "bad boys", husbands,  lost loves, granddads,  guy pals....where would we be without them??

14.  Naps....a few stolen minutes of peace, rest, escape, and dreams smack dab in the middle of the day!

15.  Okefenokee .....(The swamp in Georgia)....just because it is such fun to say.  Go ahead, try it....O-kee-fen-o-kee!

16.  Phones....Communication all around the world, connection to anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anyone!   Think about it!!  WOW!

17.  Quilts....the old-fashioned kind, with little bits of history sewn together to tell a story, made with care, and love, and beautiful handiwork.

18.  Reading....filling your mind with the written word found in books, magazines, billboards, medicine bottles, milk cartons....there is ALWAYS something to read!

19.  Summer....warmth, sunshine, days at the beach, fun, happy times, and vacation!!

20.  Trees....such a variety, all lovely, giving us shade, acorns, treehouses, foliage, places to climb, fruit, and flowers!

21.  Universities....amazing centers of learning, understanding, expression, and expansion of knowledge.

22. Valor....the courage possessed by so many willing to serve, defend, protect our homeland!

23.  Watermelon....Can't get around it, I just LOVE watermelon!!

24.  Xerox...One of the pioneers in making copies of just about any paper, book, photo, illustration, or post-it-note a piece of cake!

25.  Yellow.....a repeat to be sure, but I am ALWAYS grateful for YELLOW in any, amber, honey, sunshine, saffron, sunflower, lemon, banana, squash....

26.  Zippers....a genius invention, truly!

Happy Thanksgiving All!


  1. What a neat post. I love your list of things to be thankful for. I would have to add winter to the "w" list. It's a time when I get to sit by the fire, snuggle with the grands under a blanket, and watch nature cover up all the ugly in the world with gently falling (or heartily blowing) snow. It's a time for hot chocolate after a good old snowball fight and making snow angels. Besides, what would Currie and Ives have painted without winter?

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  3. I am a little late at wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. Computer glitch and busyness is my excuse. I enjoyed your thankful list and share many with you ...I am very thankful for them. I am glad you will not give up your blogging...the struggle will soon be is kind of like getting the flu...blogger posting flu. Enjoy your weekend and family time...see you next week. Dee


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