Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out"

The Big Guy and I were out to dinner with Ratchlet and M-t-G a couple of weeks ago.  Nothing special, but sometimes everyone is so busy, that dinner allows us to catch up without it being a huge project to coordinate calendars etc.

Somehow, and I really don't remember why, I mentioned something about the time I broke my right wrist and my left elbow at the same time.  It happened about 25 years ago or so, when I fell at a dance rehearsal for a production of "My Fair Lady" that I was in.  Both of my arms were in casts from just before Thanksgiving until about the middle of January.  I couldn't do ANYTHING myself, at least not initially!   I only had two fingers and one thumb that were not encased in plaster!  You can't do much with only two fingers and one thumb!  Trust me!!   I couldn't dress myself, I couldn't drive, I couldn't cook, I couldn't comb my hair, I couldn't even pick up a telephone!  I couldn't work for about two weeks, while I  learned  how to function with two big old clunky impediments attached to my arms!

The Big Guy did yeoman service helping me with my clothes, washing and combing my hair,  generally taking care of everything that required the use of two hands.  I remember very clearly how helpful he was.  He was terrific. The fall occurred two days before Thanksgiving and he did the whole meal himself.  My mom and Ratchlet (home from college for the holiday), were the helpers but I was pretty much out of commission because not only was I unable to do much, I was still in a bunch of pain!

As time moved on I slooooowly got back some function, but it was Christmas time and I just wasn't able to do a lot of shopping, or cooking, or cleaning, or writing, or decorating, or anything.  Mikey, Ratchlet and my mom did most everything and Christmas was as wonderful as always!  They were all terrific!  And I was really grateful.

So back to our dinner with Ratchlet and M-t-G a couple of weeks ago....I mentioned the two broken arms and I was shocked when Mikey said he didn't remember me having two broken arms. WHAT???  He didn't remember???  How could he NOT remember??  It was a major trauma!  It was a BIG DEAL.  It impacted his life almost as much as mine. I was basically out of commission for 8 WEEKS!  and he DIDN'T REMEMBER???  

I must admit I was floored, flummoxed, and flabbergasted!  And a little bit hurt.  We lived in the same house, slept in the same bed, did a lot of stuff together.  But somehow it slipped his mind?  That's just insulting!  I couldn't believe it and I was rather vocal about the whole thing, getting more worked up.  Then Ratchlet popped up and said she didn't remember it either!  WHAT?  Seriously?  Was I invisible?  I had two broken arms and they were in casts, couldn't they see me??    Did they even notice that I was part of their family??

At least Ratchlet was apologetic for not remembering..  I told her that I could kind of understand her not remembering.  After all she was miles and miles away at school for most of that time, but that her father had been right across the table!!

At this point M-t-G piped up and said, "How big was the table?"

Oh how we laughed and laughed and laughed!  Two points, Maddie!  Best line of the night!

(Still, I bet my mother would have remembered!)


  1. Two broken arms over the holidays - couldn't do anything. I call that perfect timing.

  2. It was probably so traumatic to him he has actually psychologically blocked it out. LOL Gosh that was a nasty accident


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