Saturday, December 1, 2012

"I Enjoy Being a Girl"

I have never wished that I was male.  I am perfectly content to be female.  "I Enjoy Being a Girl;"   in fact, I love being a girl!  I've never suffered from sexual harassment, never felt undervalued just because I was female, never felt downtrodden or in any way a lesser human being.  I never experienced a lower paycheck than a male counterpart.  I pretty much reached the peak of my profession and I was well paid for my efforts. And I know that I have been fortunate!  Many, many thousands of women have not been so fortunate.  There has been much written about the inequities that women have suffered through the ages.  I acknowledge that suffering, recognize the disparity, and feel the same outrage as any other thinking human being when there are gender bias, gender prejudice, and double standards still a part of our civilization.

However, change in that regard is occurring....excruciatingly slowly certainly....but it is occurring and I fully believe that someday (that ephemeral "some day") Planet Earth will become a place of fairness, equality, and respect for all its people.  It will take millenia I'm sure, but some day!

But in the meantime, I have never been one of those females who would rather be male.  In reality my satisfaction with my gender is due to many different things, including the female propensity for compassion, caring, loving, and all things warm and fuzzy!

But the biggest reason I am happy being female and extremely glad that I am not male, is much less admirable.  In fact, I am slightly embarrassed to tell you.  Basically, it all boils down to one simple aspect of being male vs. being female.

Their clothes are boring.

There, I've said it.  Boring, uninteresting, tedious, repetitive, and downright dull!

For most of recorded history the male of the species has worn some variation of pants and a shirt with a jacket.  Blah! Blah! Blah!! Over and over, day after day, year after year, century after century....pants, shirt, jacket.  Oh the monotony!

Think about it:
Vikings -  10th Century

15th Century

17th Century
18th Century

19th Century


21st Century

Oh sure, there is the occasional kilt, nightshirt, kimono, or  robe.... but for most of the European/American culture it's just:   pants, shirt, and a jacket.

Lots of different colors, but the basic thing is still:  pants, shirt, and a jacket!

Different syles, different lengths and different designs, but the basic thing is almost always:  pants, shirt, and a jacket!!

From straitlaced, uptight, trussed up like a turkey to loose, hot, and too cool for school, nevertheless:  Pants, Shirt, and a Jacket!

From the day they are christened:

to the day they are buried:


How do men stand it???


  1. What a hoot!!! Love it! And you are so right. Boring, boring, boring! There are only so many ways to make a shirt, pants and jacket interesting. I read your blog this morning before getting ready for church. It made me laugh as I read it, and again as I donned my gray pants, bright blue shirt, and blue and gray tweed jacket. Boring! But, I think the Methodist congregation, even though they are liberal thinkers for the most part, would think me "strange" if I showed up in a dress! LOL!
    Yes, we men have it boring, but I must admit, easy, when it comes to fashion.

  2. haha...I noticed this after I had 3 girls and then a boy...when I went shopping for him there was one rack to choose from, as compared to half the store to choose from for girls!!

  3. Like you, I also have never suffered what some women have suffered or even given it second thought. NEVER wished I was a man! Very happy and contented with being a girl.

    You know, I never thought about it..but men do have it sort of strange..except for kilts of course. :) Great observation.


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