Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"I'm Old-Fashioned"

Okay, here's a question for you:

If you were reading the following statement aloud, would you say the same thing I do??

Price:  $35.00 plus S&H

If you are under age 45, you  probably said:   Thirty-Five Dollars plus Shipping and Handling.  Right??

However, if you are over 50, I would bet at least a few of you said:  Thirty Five Dollars plus S&H Green Stamps!!

Those kids under 45 wouldn't even have a clue what I was talking about!

When it comes to speech patterns, I freely admit it.  "I'm Old-Fashioned!"  I am forever spouting dated phrases, anachronistic references, and passe slang!  I get the oddest looks from people sometimes.  And the younger the person, the odder the look!!

Here are a few of my regulars.  How many of them do you say and conversely, how many of them have you never heard and have no idea what they mean??  Or am I the only one still stuck in days gone by?

*  A bunch of songs recorded by a single artist included on one device??   That's an ALBUM, right?  Even if it's on a CD, it's still an ALBUM, isn't it?

*  When I make a phone call, I still DIAL the number.....even though I haven't   in years!!   Do you??

*  Also when I'm finished I still HANG UP, even though nothing is hung any where and the process of disconnecting usually involves pushing a button DOWN.

*  Is your world populated by FIREMEN, POLICEMEN, and MAILMEN?   Mine is!  At least until I remember to be gender neutral!

*  Occasionally, when I am talking about leg coverings I still say, STOCKINGS!  Even though I do not own one single pair, and haven't for years!!  Panty hose just doesn't have the same panache.

*  When talking about someone who endlessly repeats their wishes or desires or whatever, in my world they sound like a BROKEN RECORD!  No, not like a record high-jump or record time for a mile....a record like the round black disc full of  recorded music that's in an ALBUM!  (And around and around I go!)

*  If I learn something new or surprising, it is not totally unusual to hear me say, "FAR OUT" or even occasionally "GROOVY".  For this one though I have an easy explanation.  When faced with that blank look, I can just say, "It means COOL!"  Luckily that one seems to have survived into this generation!

How COOL is that?


  1. Guess I'm old fashioned, too. I pasted many an S&H green stamp into those books for Mom. I marveled when they started having one stamp that equaled a whole page.Redeeming them was so much fun. It called for a "trip" to a larger city to a redemption center, which called for a stop at "Dale's Drive In" for a frosty malt. Wow! (There's a carpet store on that site now!)
    I still say "neat-o" and "cool" and remember and still have LP albums and 45s.
    Last night during our cantata practice, our director said that she wanted us to "croon" like Perry Como. Then she asked how many didn't know who Perry Como was! I was amazed at the amount of members that didn't. I grew up with a father whose two favorite stars were Perry Como and Red Skelton. Man, I must be getting old!!!

  2. I agree a lady who speaks my language - although I knew it was Shipping and Handling! lol I'll write something which I think is good - and my daughter will say - mom I just don't write like you.

    Thank you.

  3. Oh-so true. Cool post! xo Diana

  4. cool...and I still hang the phone up and dial numbers. I never did the stamps but I remember them.:) Fun post.


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