Monday, December 10, 2012

"My Grown-Up Christmas List"

1. Last Christmas  play you saw in a theater?    A very bad rendition of A Christmas Carol

2. What is your favorite Christmas movie?   We're No Angels.,,,Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, and Peter Ustinov...delightful!

3. Who is your favorite fictional Christmas Character?    Olive....the other reindeer!    :)

4. Favorite magazine for Christmas ideas?   Better Homes and Gardens

5. Favorite smells of the Season?    Cookies baking and fresh evergreens

6. Favorite sounds of the Season?   Love the sound of jingling bells!

7. The saddest part of Christmas?    Not having my parents and other family with us at Christmas

8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up on Christmas morning?   How much time I have before I have to be dressed and ready for the day's celebrations to begin.

9. Favorite Christmas treat?    Homemade Christmas Cookies

10. Where is your best hiding place for gifts before Christmas?   Without kids in the house, hiding gifts in a closet is sufficient.  Mikey would NEVER peek, would you Mikey?

11. Finish this statement. “If I had lot of money I’d….give more to charities and good causes..

12. What is the best present you remember ever getting for Christmas?   There have been scores of "BEST" presents over the years.  I loved them all!

13. What kind of weather do you like to have on Christmas?  The same as for every other day....sunny, clear, and temps above 50F!   Definitely without snow or ice or rain!

14. Favorite holiday drink?   Eggnog

15. Something I used to do at Christmas that I don't do anymore.....send Christmas cards to everyone I know.

16. Do you wear anything special for Christmas?   On Christmas Eve I always wear my Santa hat..

17. Favorite Christmas memory?   The year Ratchlet and TA surprised me by coming home after telling me they couldn't!  I was ecstatic!

18. What is your favorite Christmas activity?   Carolling, singing Midnight Mass and a Christmas Concert

19. What activity is traditional in your family on Christmas Day?   Playing a new board game.after dinner.

20.  What is your favorite Christmas Carol?  "Tonight Jesus is Born"

21.  What is your least favorite part of Christmas?   Taking down all the decorations and packing it all away again!

So, what is on your Grown-Up Christmas List??


  1. I just hope I get everything done with the least amount of anxiety.

  2. I share number 6 ,15 and 11.:) On my grown up Christmas list is to get to know some of my neighbors.... Merry Christmas friend....I hope you do not get a white Christmas :)


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