Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Old Friends"

I am very fortunate, well, for a lot of different reasons, but the one I am speaking of right now is that I am very fortunate to have several "Old Friends" that I have always considered to be my BFFs (Best Friend Forever)!  There is Janie, whom I've known since the third grade -- my childhood BFF; then there is Flossie, my BFF from high school and beyond; after that came Cathy --  not only my BFF from my middle years, but also my music making BFF; and about a year or so ago, I met T (actually Tamara) when we were in a show together.  She quickly became my new BFF and is also one of the partners in our new theatrical venture...."The Hourglass Players".  Not very many people can say they have four best friends so I feel very blessed!

My first two BFFs are basically the same age as I am (give or take a few months), the other two are about 8-12 years younger.   All four of them became my friends because of some shared interests, shared experiences, mutual respect, and we share an ability to laugh together!  Janie lives in Arkansas and has been married for 45+ years, Flossie is in Florida, married late then divorced just a few years later and just married again this last summer,  Cathy is in Chicago and married her hubby twice (it's a long story), and T lives here in the Austin area and has been married for around 35 years (I think), And of course, there is me, living in Austin and coming up on 48 years of marriage to the Big Guy,

Interestingly enough, none of them know any of the others and they are vastly different from each other.  But for whatever reason, some twist of fate brought them into my life and they each fill a part of my soul with friendship that I treasure unconditionally.  

We are the kind of friends who understand each other, support each other, laugh together, cry together.  We can be open and honest with each other.  We can even disagree and argue a bit, but it doesn't affect the friendship at all.  We accept each other for who we games, no backstabbing, no unmet expectations.  I know that I could contact any of them in the middle of the night if I needed to and they would be ready to listen, give help and comfort for what ever reason.   I can count on them and conversely they know that they can expect the same from me! That is what makes them my best friends.

I may have mentioned that I don't have tons of friends, at least not as many as a lot of people seem to have.  It is usually difficult for me to make new friends. I'm not sure exactly why that is so, but it is.  According to Facebook, I have 103 friends and they are spread all over the country and are of many different backgrounds and lifestyles, I've known some of them for years and years through work or theatre or some other interest.  Others I really don't know well, but I like them and want to stay in touch.  Still others are little more than acquaintances.   That's why being able to say that I have FOUR best friends is downright amazing to me!

They are the type of friends who you might not see for long stretches of time.  Nevertheless, when we do manage to get together, it's as if we'd never been apart.  That is a wonderful feeling to have about special people in your life.

Fortunately all of us appear to be in reasonably good health, good physical condition, and fully present in our minds and in our lives.  This is extremely important to me.  I want them all to stick around forever, because I sure can't even imagine not having any of them in my life.

When they each received the designation of Best Friend Forever, I meant exactly that....Forever Friends.  And so far, our forevers have lasted a good long time and I am deeply grateful and happy to be able to say that I hope our forevers go on a whole lot longer!

The only real complaint I have about my four BFFs, is that none of them regularly read Mellodee Musings!!   In fact, I don't think a couple of them have ever even seen it!  Silly girls.........I mean, really!!  Of course, they all already know just about everything there is to know about me, so I guess its okay.  Still, wish they'd show up here once in a while!

Otherwise, how will these "Old Friends" ever know how very much they mean to me?     :)


  1. My life has also been blessed with friends from Peggy, who I met at age three, to a dear lady I started working with three years ago. I am also one of a group of five ladies who have been together for 40 years. Unfortunately, we have lost one, but she is still with us in our thoughts and hearts forever. I know there are people that don't need or want to invest in friendships, but sharing ones life with others has enriched my life in every way.

    I hope you know that you can send your posts to your friends by clicking on the "M" for mail on the bottom of your blog. I am sure they would enjoy reading them.

  2. Wonderful post, Mel.. God has truly blessed you. Few of us can honestly say we have even 4 "best friends." I have the privilege of having a few that I can call on, day or night, and know they would be there for me. My college roomie, Tom, is one. He's been there for me thru thick and thin since 1968. One is Curley, my partner in all things "craft" who has been my "rock" for the last 6+ years. Then there's the guys in my quartet. I am the oldest by far, but Alan, Tim and Steve are there for me, even though I am probably old enough to be Alan and Tim's dad! What joy these kinds of friendships bring.
    Thanks for sharing and letting me share, too.


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