Friday, December 4, 2009

"Bits and Pieces"

Today I have a few "bits and pieces" to address about current (well, sort of current) events.  Such as....

*  Don't you wish that someone from "What Not to Wear" would take Michelle Obama in hand??  I mean, seriously, the woman needs a makeover, the sooner the better!  Meaning no disrespect, I just don't see her as a trendsetter, I see her as fashion-challenged!  When I look at photos of Mrs. O at some event or other, more often than not, I cringe!  What was she thinking??? By the time they reach her age, most women in public life have figured out what does and what doesn't work with their body type and size.  Mrs. Obama must have missed class that day!  Maybe if we could give her just a few points to consider like.... 1) skirts and blouses and cardigans should not be the outfit of choice for meeting the Queen of England or other Heads of State!  2)  A mis-matched belt worn over a sweater or a bulky coat should only be worn by the very thin.  Actually a mis-matched belt shouldn't be worn by anyone!  3)  There are fabrics that hold their shape, others that don't need to be pressed 15 minutes after putting them on, and still others that drape and hang nicely on every body type.  Mrs. Obama doesn't appear to have found any of them.  4) There are ways of minimizing the look of areas that are not one's best points.  Full skirts, pants that are too tight, and larger prints do not help.  5)  I wonder if Mrs. Obama could possibly be color blind or at least color-challenged.  Shoes, handbags, separates, sweaters, etc. all need to be in colors complimentary to the main color of the outfit.  Pretty close or sort of matching just won't do!  6)  Any belt that does not stay in place around its intended body position (i.e. the waist!), should be anchored with a handy little invention called belt loops.  Said belt should not, under any circumstances, be allowed to migrate north to sit just below the bustline, spoiling the line of the dress or sweater, and generally looking messy.  To be fair, I have seen the First Lady in some outfits that were flattering to her, having better lines, better fit, better colors, better design.  I wish whoever dressed her on those occasions had the job full-time!  As this country's First Lady, she is one of the most visible women in the world.  To some extent she represents all of us.  Her style just does not make a good impression on any level at all.  In fact, her mode of dress can at times come extremely close to disrespectful to her counter-parts from other areas of the world, (i.e. Queen Elizabeth, who is the longest reigning and most respected monarch alive in the world today.)  Surely someone could have told Mrs O. that a skirt and blouse really wasn't the way to go!!  I just read somewhere that one of the dresses she wore recently was purchased at Target!  Perhaps that's part of the problem.  She's going to the wrong stores!

**  Have you heard that the world is supposed to end sometime in December 2010?  This is according to the Mayan calendar and their predictions according to the celestial observations they had made....somewhere between 1000 B.C and 1500 A.D.!  I'm not too seriously worried about this.  I have heard several dates throughout my lifetime that were predicted to be the end of the world according to some group or other.  To the best of my knowledge, none of those predictions came true.  Yet, the Mayans were pretty bright folks.  Their whole calendar thing has appeared to be spot-on over the years.  How did they figure this stuff out when the rest of the world at the time was still of the belief that the Earth was not only flat, it was the center of the Universe.  December 2010 is only a year away.  Some sort of cataclysmic something could happen I guess, but so far, there doesn't seem to be any evidence of what it could be.  So, except for that pesky prediction by those ancient know-it-alls, there doesn't seem to be anyone taking it too seriously.  That's kind of comforting.  Still, the Mayans had a pretty good track record of accurately predicting things like eclipses and such.  I sure hope they're wrong this time!  If they're not wrong, well, at least none of them will be standing around saying, "nyah, nyah, told ya!  There's nothing worse than a gloating dead civilization.

*** I'm awfully tired of bad news, aren't you?  You can't hear a news broadcast, pick up a newspaper, or read headlines on your web browser without being smacked in the face with something that you sure wish you hadn't heard.  More shootings, healthcare protests, more troops to be deployed, unemployment, financial mismanagement, bankruptcies, fraud, political correctness blown waaaay out of proportion, it just goes on and on.  I'm really sick of it.  It may be that the people have a right to know, but most times I really don't have the need to know.    The world seems to be getting crazier every day.  Of course, there are good things happening.  Its just so easy to get overwhelmed by the bad stuff!  And so far as I can tell, there's just no avoiding it completely.  So if you see me around, I may be humming....REALLY LOUD....trying to drown it all out.  It doesn't really work, but I'm enjoying the music anyway.

****  It is now 21 days until Christmas....aaaacccckkk!

*****Tomorrow and early Saturday will be the coldest days so far this winter.  Snow is predicted in Austin on Friday!  Temps below freezing Saturday.  Oh goody.  And wouldn't you know, Saturday morning (early) the Big Guy and I will be walking with Ratchlet, M-t-G, and TA in an outside Milestones:  CureSearch Walk for a Cure, to raise funds and awareness for more research for curing childhood cancer.  We'll all have to pull out our snuggies and our heaviest coats!  To make it worse, after the Walk, M-t-G and Ratchlet will be going to a Girl Scout Overnight stay in unheated cabins with sleeping bags!  Holy Ice Cube, Batman! 

Well, the sum of the whole of all these "bits and pieces" is equal to the amount of energy I had for writing tonight....and I have used that all up!  "Goodnight, Sweetheart(s)"

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  1. I remember in 1977 my then-husband had a friend who was convinced that the world was going to end on 7/7/77. He used his charge cards to the max, bought an expensive car, put himself and his family in huge debt because - what the heck? The world was going to end! July 8, 1977 was not a happy day for that man.

    And,yes, I am tired of all the bad news. It mostly rolls off my back these days because it's become so meaningless. And that's a sad thing.

    Have fun on your walk - it's a balmy 56 out here.


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