Monday, December 7, 2009

"Saturday in the Park"

As I told you, the Big Guy and I spent "Saturday in the Park".  So I wanted to let everyone know that we had a very successful CureSearch: Walk for a Cure.  There was an outstanding turnout with lots of teams. Although it was cold (in the high 20's, I think), it was bright and sunny with no wind. So everyone was pretty comfortable.  The Walk was extremely well-organized, in no small part because of the work my wonderful Ratchlet did to make it all happen! There was even some TV coverage!  Publicity is never a bad thing.

Before the Walk actually got underway, the activities included presenting individual medals to each child in attendance, who, like Maddie,  is fighting or has won against this killer.  Also in a very touching moment, white balloons were released by families in memory of the kids who lost that fight. Those balloons were beautiful as they floated away into the clear blue sky!   It was sad but so hopeful.

Because of the generousity of so many people, $25,000  was raised for CureSearch!  Not bad at all for a first effort!  They are already talking about "Next Year" when, it is hoped, everything will be even bigger and better.  After all the fight against Childhood Cancer is not over yet.  But it will be someday if CureSearch and all who were part of the Walk have their way.  That's a goal worth aiming for.

Just as an aside, Ratchlet and M-t-G did indeed go off to a Girl Scout Overnight Camp that evening.  Even though all they had were their sleeping bags to lay on the cold floor of the unheated cabin!  The girls reportedly had fun anyway.  The resilience of kids is amazing.  M-t-G is absolutely fine.  One the other hand, for grown-ups that resilience is much more limited.  When I spoke to Ratchlet on Sunday, she was congested with a sore throat, worn out, and just about done in.  She sounded horrible.  Today she didn't sound much better.  That's not much of a reward for her hard work over the last few months.  But she is undaunted and getting plans started for the next walk.  There's one thing about next year's "Saturday in the Park" that's already written in stone....the Walk will be in October not December!! 

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