Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"A - You're Adorable"

Okay I admit it up front....I am stealing this idea from my friend, c.beth.   Thanks for the inspiration Beth!   (I didn't read her posting in time to participate in her Thanksgiving contest, so I'll modify the idea a bit and use it myself!)  I haven't figured out the contest thing so mine is not one!

The First (Annual???) Alphabetical List of Things I Am Grateful for this Thanksgiving Season:

B -  Where would we be without BOOKS?
C -  There are still things I want that are CHEAP!
D -  My DAUGHTER, the absolute best one on the planet!  No doubt!!
E -  EVERYONE that I love!
F -  Growing up in FLORIDA!
G -  All the GADGETS that make doing some things fun!
H -  All the HIGHWAYS so we can go just about anywhere by car!
I  -  The best gadget of them all -- the INTERNET
J -   JUNE and JULY, my favorite months
K -  All my best loved KEEPSAKES.
L -  Without LIBRARIES I'd go broke!
O -  My favorite OCEAN (that would be the Atlantic).
P -   Even though I don't often play (at) it, my PIANO.
Q -  QUOTATIONS that make you think, laugh, wonder....
R -   All my Wedding RINGS (now, there's a story!)
S -  Here's a surprise, SUMMER!!!
T -  My 25+ years of THEATER  experiences
U -  Aren't we glad that every person ever born is UNIQUE??!!
V -   The outstanding VIEWS all around this city!
W -  I am grateful that I still have a WAIST!!
X -   XEROX!!  Amazing technology made so many things easier
Y -  The right shades of YELLOW can make me happy, go figure!
Z -  Big city ZOOs.  I could (and have!) spent hours  and hours there.

Well, there you have it!  26 Things that I am grateful for.


  1. Artichokes, books, the Internet, family - all wonderful things.

  2. This was fun to do, but harder than I thought it would be!


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