Thursday, December 31, 2009

"The Counting Song" (again!)

I have always heard about people who make Resolutions at the New Year to change, improve, modify, or cease a certain behavior.  From what I understand most folks aren't very successful at it after a few days.  Well, I know myself better than to do that.  I probably couldn't keep a resolution more than an afternoon!

Therefore, I don't do resolutions, but I do have "10 Hopes for the New Year."  I'll share my hopes....

10.  That world peace will actually be achieved and all the soldiers will come home safe and sound and never need to fight again!

9.5  That the Mayans were wrong!

9.   That Austin gets warmer weather the rest of the winter and cooler weather this summer than last summer!

8.  That my favorite authors write faster and more often!

7.  That I will reduce my "addiction" to computer games (or learn to live with it  -  lol)

6.  That I find a good friend here in Austin.

5.  That Maddie gets to remain at the school she loves (yay, Mills!)

4.  That Ratchlet can find a better balance for her use of time.

3.  That the Big Guy, T.A., Ratchlet, M-t-G, and I all remain extremely healthy and whole.

2.  That we all Laugh whenever possible!!

1.  That 2010 is a year of fresh starts, recovery from economic problems, good health, and renewed joy in living!

Happy New Year!  May all of our resolutions and hopes work out for the very best!!


  1. Happy 2010, Linda, to you and your family.

  2. Love your list! Especially #2!

  3. Any day that I can't laugh is just walking misery!


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