Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"My Guy"

I knew the very first time I saw him that I wanted to get to know Mikey really well.  Now 45 years later, I do know him well.  There are still surprises, mind you, but you can't live with someone for 45 years and not know most of what there is to know!  We've had a lot of good experiences and fun times and we've both realized that sometimes we are Great together.

So, in honor of our upcoming anniversery, I thought I'd share 45 Things.   just a little list of 45 things I learned (and mostly like)  about "My Guy".

1.  He is very smart.
2.  He can fix just about anything that breaks.
3.  He likes to read.
4.  He's very curious and loves learning new things.
5.  He is a much better cook than I!
6.  He hates to go shopping for clothes.  HATES it!!
7.  He is very allergic to cats.
8.  He is very sentimental about things.
9.  He is a very good driver.  If I am ever in an accident situation, I hope he is driving!  His reaction times are excellent.
10.  He loves babies and little kids.

11.  He is a great "Poppa."    
12.  He has a lot of self-confidence.
13.  He is extremely supportive of me and my interests.
14.  He is not terribly athletic nor interested in sports....except GOLF!
15.  He played the trombone in H.S. band.
16.  He has a Bachelor's Degree in  Chemistry and a Master's Degree in Business.
17.  He's crazy about dogs.
18.  His favorite color is blue.
19.  If he were wealthy he would have a garage full of  interesting cars.
20.  He is the middle child of seven!
21.  He always loved to sing, and discovered he loved acting too, but not until he was over 40!
22.  Despite never doing a thing to stay fit, he has always been  incredibly healthy.
23.  He is not a natural dancer, but he would dance with me fairly often if I asked.
24.  He changed careers at age 50!
25.  He was pretty much a Liberal when we met.  He has changed to a staunch Republican bit by bit.
26.  His middle name is Edward.  He and Maddie-the-Great have the same initials:  M.E.D.
27.  His heritage is Irish and Polish.
28.  He has a great sense of humor (and he laughs at my jokes).
29.  He is proud of Ratchlet's, M-t-G's, and my accomplishments.
30.  He likes all sorts of gadgets and leather goods, but he LOVES tools.
31.  He hates all facets of writing and paperwork!  (He will NEVER have a blog or a FB page!)
32.  He has a great sense of balance.  (I don't think he has fallen since he was a little kid.)
33.  He is great at home decorating things, like painting, wallpaper, cabinets, plumbing!!
34.  He despises Irish Soda Bread, raisins, and oatmeal.
35.  He loves tradition, especially at holidays.
36.  Neither he nor I are very good at making new friends.
37.  He is very aware and critical of poor grammar or spelling.
38.  He has had a beard for many, many years.
39.  He hates hot weather.
40.  He has no real "vices".
41.  He has a big temper, which he has become much more adept at controlling.
42.  He cannot draw.
43.  He has been known to cry at the theater (and sometimes movies).
44.  He is extremely generous and gives great presents.
45.  He has put up with me and my foibles for 45 years!

He is "My Guy" and here's to lots more years together!


  1. Your husband sounds like a great guy!! You are a lucky lady!

  2. What a fun post! Congrats on staying together and staying happy for so many years!


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