Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Who Am I?"

I haven't indulged in a quiz for awhile, so I think it's time for another shot of "Who Am I?"  If you hate these things, don't feel obligated to read it.  Just come back another day!

My cell phone?   Is a hand-me-down from Mikey, who has moved on to the latest generation of phone-thingies!

My spouse?   Hard-working and smart

My hair?   In desperate need of a cut

My mother?  Missed!

My father?   Also missed!

My favorite possession?   Family photographs

My dream last night?  About my dad

My Favorite drink?   Iced tea

My favorite room?    Our library/computer space

My hobby?   Blogging!

My phobias?   Falling

My favorite day of the week?    All of them, now that I'm retired!!

My favorite breakfast?    I don't do breakfast very often

My biggest wish?   I really wish I had friends in Austin

My day?   Warm and sunny!  Almost perfect.

My evening?   On the computer and reading!

My usual attire?   Jeans and a shirt

My Friends?   Much too far away

My life?   Constantly surprises me

My mood?   Calm

My car?   2006 Kia Sportage

My favorite stores?   I love Big Lots, Dollar Store, Target, and bookstores!

My favorite color?   No surprise here, Yellow!

My last crying spell?     I don't remember, it's been a while.  How amazing!

My most frequent place to go?   Restaurants

My very best friends?    Rachlet, Mikey, Cathy, and Kathy

My favorite place to vacation?  Florida

My biggest regret?   I probably should have had more than one child.

There you go, more totally useless information to answer the burning question,  "Who Am I?"


  1. Love knowing more about you! I wish I had had more than 2 kids....More kids would have = more grandkids!

  2. Iced Tea?!? What happened to Diet Pepsi?


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