Friday, March 11, 2011

"Things I Couldn't Say" (aka Dear So and So....)

My thoughts are with the people of Japan today. Godspeed to all the emergency workers, disaster response teams, police, firefighters, soldiers, and all others who are working non-stop to rescue and save the many people affected by today's 8.9 earthquake in Japan.

There is only one letter today, I think you all understand why!

Dear Planet Earth,

We all understand that sometimes you just have to shake things up a bit.  We understand that sometimes you get tired of being in one position for centuries and you just have to move and stretch and roll your shoulders and find a new position.  We all understand that this is a natural phenomenon that happens through no particular malicious intent.

However, your latest example of the power of moving earth was terrifying!  An 8.9 temblor??  That's enormous and the amount of death, damage, and danger nearly incalculable.  We all understand that this event was not intentional exactly and we try not to take it personally, but I wonder if anyone has ever explained that there are consequences that are devastating to living things.  When you shake around and shove things into different places and then, to make matters worse, you create gigantic tsunamis to flood and sweep away everything in its path, people die, animals die, buildings collapse, people and places disappear. 
So, could you please, try to let go of your powerful pressures in smaller doses, going as far as you did with the 8.9 earthquake in Japan today is too much.  We humans may be assaulting you in many, many ways trying to mold you to our needs and desires but we are a fragile species and don't always do what's right.  Still, many are innocent and do not deserve to suffer such horrible end.

Could you please find a comfortable position and just stay there?  Or at least, give us a warning that something big is about to happen? 

Or is this the warning?



Dear So and So...


  1. It really is incredible, no? And so soon after the earthquake in Christchurch. Those tsunamis are the scariest things.

  2. The whole thing is so scary. At least you don't live in Calfornia anymore!


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