Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Am I Blue?"

"Am I Blue?"  Oh, yeah, plus a bit disappointed, somewhat uncertain, and just a tad snarky.  Let me explain why.

On Monday I wrote about the horrendous wildfires that were appearing in various locations in Texas.  There was a cluster of fires of various sizes located in a U-shape around Austin, the closest of which was less than five miles from my house.  (That fire is now contained, so we are ok!)

Having been a blogger for two plus years now, I have visited many bloggers I follow when they experienced or expected some sort of potentially catastrophic event; everything from serious personal illness, family illness, loss, accident, and deaths, to hurricanes, earthquake, rains, winds, tornado, flood, blizzards, and other natural disasters.

 Bloggers, as a rule, are incredibly supportive, caring, and friendly individuals.When something happens with a blogger friend, there is usually an outpouring of offers of help, prayers, good wishes, and worry that arrive from followers, subscribers, lurkers, and friends!  Everyone seems to care.   Complete strangers in every way except for what they write on their bogs, still send loving messages in times of  stress and fear.  It's one of the loveliest things about blogging.  It always impresses me when I see it.  People are basically good and this kind of thing is evidence that that is true!

So after I posted on Monday about the fires all around us in a circle of about a 50 mi. diameter, as well as about packing up valuables and hoping our home would remain out of harms way, I more or less expected that there would be a bunch of comments in the next day or two.  After all, I had 47 followers, several others who checked in regularly without actually blogging themselves (my sister,  for instance) and still others who would frequently show up in the stats but never identify themselves or write or comment about anything.  I thought a few of these nice people would express some concern or acknowledgement of our dangerous situation.

Well, it didn't happen.  I got two comments.  One from JE at "Moment by Moment" and the other from Beth at "C. Beth Blog"  These two friends are my best blogging buddies.  They visit every day and comment on nearly every post.  I happen to know Beth personally (she was one of my inspirations to start blogging) and JE and I appear to have been twins separated at birth!

But, no other comments were received at all.  Not even from my sister! (She might actually be out of town, so I can't be mad at her.)  But I don't think any of my "followers" even read the post.  Well, I can understand that, I guess.  It was the holiday weekend and people get busy.  It didn't even surprise me all that much.  There certainly wasn't anything anyone could do about the fires and we didn't appear to be in any danger. 

Believe it or not, I am not sitting here with my nose out of joint because I wasn't flooded with warm fuzzies from concern from my blogger friends.  Well, not exactly.

What has disappointed me, made me kind of blue, and just a tad snarky is that this lack of response is becoming the norm....which makes me kind of question whether or not I should continue blogging at all.  I kind of feel like I'm talking to an empty room, you know?

Now to be fair, there are four or five others of my followers who will pop in with a comment from time to time and I am always glad to see them.  It's the others who have signed up as a follower and then completely disappear that bothers me (this is the snarky bit).  When I follow someone I read their posts almost daily and I comment when they have posted something that sparks a response in me.  I don't comment every day but I do comment frequently.  If there is a blog that has turned out not to be what I thought it would be,  I have stopped following them, rather than just ignoring their posts.

I guess the thing that has me questioning is that I don't know if people have been disappointed by my blog, or find me too outspoken, or don't like what I have to say.  (Yes, I am insecure and I want people to like me.)  I have mentioned that I don't make friends easily.  Is my blog an extension of that??  Is my blog too unfocused??  Are my posts just too darn long??  Or am I just boring?  I don't know and I wish I did. But at the moment, "Am I Blue?" is a question that gets an unqualified, YES for an answer.

"Is anybody there?  Does anybody care?"

P.S.  Of course, while I was writing this, another of my blogger friends stopped by and commented on Monday's post.  She is the lovely lady who writes   Thanks, Mona.  Great timing!!  :)


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by...I have been so bad the last few months in reading blogs..but not commenting...I am going to do a better job..that is one of the things I love about blogging..So glad you are safe. There are still fires all around us..Some that have just popped up tonight.

  2. Oh Sweetie, I nearly cried when I just read this. It's a funny thing right now. I think some of our bloggers are very preoccupied..and I am not sure why this is. The time of year? Burn out? (no pun intended) but I have noticed many are not blogging as often..and my comments have been much less..not to mention that I lost at least four followers when I got side tracked with my daughter's illness.

    I think..and this is just my idea..that many out there visit blogs for decorating idea's, that sort of thing. Sort of like a private magazine.

    I know when I write stories, and I used to do it a lot..I had a lot fewer followers.
    Problem is...I cannot keep up. I really cannot. Just too much going on.

    Don't feel bad. Chalk it up as a bad time of year..let it roll off your sweet back!
    I am SO happy I chose tonight to do some serious catching up on my visiting.
    Love and hugs to you... :) and you bet your bottom dollar I am concerned. TEXAS needs rain and I am praying they get it soon!

  3. First of all, thanks for mentioning me and my blog! Maybe it will help my readership.
    Next, no your blog isn't boring, too long, or any of that stuff. I love it. That's why I keep coming back day after day. I have about 39 followers on my blog, but only average one or two comments per post. Sometimes more, sometimes none! (Imagine that) But I keep on writing. Truly, a blog is my way to vent. Or at least expound about stuff.
    Please, please, please keep writing. You have a lot to say. Maybe what you write doesn't move each and every one all the time, but you touch many lives, whether they comment or not. Some are lurkers, and maybe don't have writing skills, but still like to read your stuff. If nothing else, just keep writing to satisfy that "inner writer" within.
    Your "twin" speaketh!


  4. I am testing to see if my comments are working correctly, because one of my friends let me know that her comments are not going through!

  5. Am I Blue? There's a song with that name. I remember you and I like to sing the old songs. That's a good one. Maybe we'll start a whole new singing group. :)

  6. I'm back today just to check in on you. My comments are way down too, but I don't do the "meme's" and my blogging a lot less, plus I am not visiting, so I blame myself.
    Actually, for a long time I talked to the wall..however I was blogging as a sort of journel..felt out of place, felt that perhaps blogging was not what I thought it was..etc. etc. But I kept blogging. FOR ME!
    I wrote for me. Someone told me very early on, that bloggers would come and go for many different reasons. As you said yourself, you follow and if they are not what you expect, you drop them. It happens.
    To all of us.
    Blog for yourself, Mellodee! As soon as you don't care so much...there they all are! :):)
    Anyway, Sweetcakes, I'm here! :) You really HOOKED me with this post. You spoke your mind and I love that. Keep it up.
    Sending you a HUGE hug! Ok?
    I am just hoping you feel better today..and you would never know you don't make friends easily, because, to me you seem so outgoing, warm and open. All the things in a person I dearly love!

  7. Mellodee, I've practically quit blogging, which also has led to me visiting fewer blogs. I just felt like I was posting the same things over and over. You never post the same thing twice. You always have something new and refreshing to say. Since I stopped blogging regularly, my comments have dropped a lot, but that's ok with me. I never even look at my stats to see how many visitors I'm getting, but I'm sure that's dropped even more than the comments. I didn't read your post about the fires, and I'm so sorry you had to worry about that. In the prayer list on my sidebar, I do have "people in Tex. who are experiencing fires" or something like that, so all of you Texans have been in my prayers. On my other blog, "Battling My Inner Critic", I've been linking to Jenny Matlock Off On My Tangent Sat. Centus. The word limit is 100 words or sometimes less, so that's great writing exercise for someone like me who leaves a blog post in your comment section! Hope you are feeling better about blogging. You write a great blog. laurie

  8. Oh, I forgot to tell you re the person who said they were unable to comment. I'm having a problem on some blogs, and I just had it on your blog. If I came from my blog, I used to not have to do anything except click "post comment". Something is different now. On some blogs, including yours, I have to click on post as "google account", then sign out of my email and sign back in and uncheck the "stay signed in" box before I can post my comment. Don't know if that made any sense, but it's something that is driving me crazy!


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