Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Make Believe"

I wanted to clarify a bit about why I used John Lennon's "Imagine" on my 9/11 post.

 I debated a long while before posting the song. I know that it's content is controversial.  I fully expected comments arguing against the use of the song, but I really only got one. The comment came from one of my favorite blogger pals, Cass from "That Old House" , a lovely blog that I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to. She left a comment about my post. As I told her, I'm not at all bothered by her comment, basically I agree! (You can read it in the post's comment section.) This is the reply I sent to her

Lennon was a dreamer, but a lot of people condemned him for heretical beliefs.  But this song is not a call for real change, it's a song to think about.  Just imagine....let's pretend what it would be like if.....   It's about "Make Believe."

In our very real world, none of the "imaginings"  are workable or even possible.  However, the line that has always resonated with me is "nothing to kill or die for".  Our world has been dreaming of peace since the dawn of time.  Even though many of us have become civilized, and educated, and survival is not the struggle it once was, we still (after centuries) cannot get over the concept that whatever we believe is what everyone must believe!  I'd love to live in a world where being different is no longer a crime punishable by death and destruction. But we seem eternally stuck as a species where  we, and they, are willing (perhaps even eager) to fight and die for our particular beliefs, no matter what they are.  We keep losing our young men and women because there is always something to go and fight for!  How many have died in name of a cause or belief?  How many innocent "bystanders" have died?  What seems ridiculous to me is that both sides of any conflict are fighting under the same principle:  We are right and They are wrong!  No matter who the We and They may be!!

 I like to imagine a world where there are better ways to settle differences and it's OK to believe something different than the guy sitting next to you on the subway.  I, too, love the myriad fascinations of our world and it's people and would not want to live without them.  I just wish we could stop killing each other over them!

That's the great thing about imagining, you can "Make Believe" anything even if it's not really a good idea!


  1. Well, I thought I clicked on something and I get a new tune stuck in my head but I didn't. I like that. They just won't go away. I was standing on a chair, perched on a tin y stair-landing, changing an overhead light bulb. I looked down the stairwell and the song, "When the lights go on again" came into my head. That's such a draggy-you-know-old-song, I just want to get it out of my head.
    In spite of ...... now
    when I flip the switch, I get light.
    Cheers, Mellodee

  2. I've wondered WHY too... why we only want to associate with people who believe in similar ideas... ideas that have been put into our heads by TV.

    TV is about selling us stuff and ideas in order to keep us slaves. Buy this, buy that and then give us every cent you earn.

    It saddens me that fellow citizens fight against the very services that will ease their suffering. I just don't get it... then I turn on the news and immediately understand; people like to follow the leader because it's easier. Folks don't seem to think for themselves, they're just given talking points from one side or the other. Points that are often distractions so that we the people are shielded from the truth.

    I like to imagine. I am a believer. I believe that one day people will see that we are all fighting for the same thing; true freedom from corporate slavery.

  3. Love your sweet blog! :) Your polka dots are pretty! :) I am a new follower! :) Erin

  4. The next to last paragraph of your blog says it all. People have been killing each other over the mundane since time began. It is about time we (as humankind) stop killing and start getting to the root of WHY!
    Nothing I have, or ever will have, materially, is worth killing or being killed over.


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