Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"I've Had My Moments"

In my last post I wrote about all the things I have never done.  It really wasn't all that long a list and there weren't that many things that I'd still like to do.  So I didn't feel too bad about it.  After all, "I've Had My Moments" just like everybody else.  There have been things I have done that a lot of people would never have been able or even attempted to do.  (I have previously written about some of them in detail, so they might seem a bit familiar...sorry for the repetition)  Anyway, here's a list of my "...Moments."

1.  I won a blue ribbon at a county fair for a cake I baked.

2.  I have been an actor, singer, dancer in front of audiences of between 20 and 1,000 people!

3.  I have been on television (OK, so it was just answering phones for a fundraiser, but still....)

4. I have been to Hawaii.

5.  I was the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO of a large Hospital system.

6.  I have given three very successful surprise parties; one for my parents, one for my husband, and one for my sister.

7.  I have lived North (Illinois), South (Texas), East (Florida), and West (California).

8.  I have directed extremely successful productions of  "Bus Stop", "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff", "Barefoot in the Park", and "The Odd Couple", among others.

9.  I have ridden a burro.

10.  I was a cheerleader in High School.

11.  I have had lead roles in many theatrical productions, including Golda in "Fiddler", M'lynn in "Steel Magnolias", Ethel Thayer in "On Golden Pond", Madame Arcati in "Blithe Spirit", Grace Ferrell in "Annie", Clairee  in "Steel Magnolias", and Mrs. Mullins in "Carousel", and others.

12.  I was a Girl Scout until I was a Senior in H.S.

13.  I have been on a canoe trip.

14.  I have been swimming in the Atlantic, the Pacific (very briefly, it was cold!), Lake Michigan, and the Gulf of Mexico.

15.  I have been to college.

16.  I was one of several chaperones for a large group of 13-year-olds on a class trip to Washington, D.C.  (and survived!)

17.  I have an IQ of 134.

18.  I have been the soloist at many weddings.

19.  I have been to the top of the St. Louis Arch, the Washington Monument, the John Hancock building and the Sears Tower (or whatever their names are now).

20.  I have made several solo cross-country driving trips (from Chicago to Orlando, San Jose (CA) to Phoenix, Austin to Phoenix,  Austin to Chicago, and Austin to Arkansas.)

21.  I have had a poem published.

22.  I have shaken the hand of Loretta Young, Michael Feinstein, Buzz Aldrin, Elaine Stritch, Gene Nelson,  and Bozo the Clown.  (Do I hang around with the cool kids or what??)

23.  I have read more books than I can count.

24.  I have lived in 18 different residences since the age of 4.  (There were others before that but that's as far back as I can remember.)

25.  I have been in 25 states and D.C.  (Only 25 more to go....sigh.)

26.  I saw a whale while in Hawaii.  (It was tres cool!)

27.  I have been in 3 (very mild) earthquakes, one hurricane, and a couple of blizzards.

28.  I have broken my left elbow, right wrist (twice), badly sprained my right ankle, and a total of four toes (not at the same time!)  Is it any wonder I have a fear of falling??

29.  I was able to take Gregg Shorthand (was being the operative word!)  I could use a mimeograph machine, a dictaphone, a manual typewriter, and an adding machine.  (Have I mentioned I am OLD?)

30.  I have eaten snails, sushi, liver, and chocolate covered ants (I was a kid, what did I know?)  I won't eat any of them ever again!

31.  I have been married to the same man for 45 years! (Now that's an accomplishment!!)

Hmmm, I guess it's really not that great a list...nothing all that unusual or that special.  Nevertheless, like I said "I've Had My Moments",   It seemed like I was having fun at the time! 

Oh God, I am the most boring person on the planet!!  Argh!


  1. I think there are some great things in there! The whale...the blue ribbon...The Odd Couple. :) It sounds like you've experienced a lot of wonderful things in your life thus far....

  2. No, but that all ain't going to fit in an obituary column, either. My granddaughter keeps telling me to write my own now. And what song would you like today, Maammm?
    Until later

  3. What a great list. And here I thought we had a lot in common. No way!! LOL! You have done so many "cool" things. And to think you shook hands with my all time heart-throbbing famous person: Loretta Young. Just thinking of her coming swirling through those doors every Sunday evening, makes my heart go aflutter!
    I never had a lead in a play, but the singing group I used to sing with opened for the group "Sha Na Na" at our performing arts center to a crowd of around 1500. That's it for me!!!


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