Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Never on Sunday"

There are a bunch of things I have never done...."Never on Sunday".....or any other day of the week either!  I'm not talking about big impossible kinds of things like curing cancer, or creating world peace.  Nope, just kind of ordinary things that a lot of people have done; but for whatever reason, I haven't.  I don't know why, circumstance just didn't offer me the opportunity, I guess.  It's not that I think my life has suffered because I haven't done these things.  I've mostly had a perfectly lovely time living my life and I don't have a burning desire to do any of them. 

I just thought it might be a topic  to write about.  (Translation:  I can't come up with anything else!!)So here we go.....

1.  Never had anyone throw a surprise party for me.

2.  Never gone on a scavenger hunt.

3.  Never played at a water park.

4.  Never been to New York City.  (Hard to believe, right?)

5.  Never been on a trail ride.

6.  Never seen the Grand Canyon.

7.  Never been to any another country.

8.  Never served on a jury.

9.  Never been on a cruise.

10.  Never seen Lakes Erie, Ontario, Superior, or the other one.  (The one that's not Lake Michigan.)

11.  Never bought a thing from Bloomingdale's, Tiffany's, or  Abercrombie & Fitch.

12.  Never learned to drive a manual transmission.

13.  Never learned another language.  (Sorry Mrs. Petering, Latin was useless!)

14.  Never gone to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

15.  Never planted a vegetable garden.

16.  Never been on an actual diet.

17.  Never been in a helicopter.

18.  Never been swimming in the Pacific.  (Boy, talk about cold!)

19.  Never wore contacts.

20.   Never even attempted to bake a pie.

21.   Never changed a tire.  (That's actually good news!)

22.   Never been to a Haunted House on Halloween.  (Or any other time!)

23.  Never been to any of the Pacific Northwest states.   (I hear tell that it rains all the time!!)

24.  Never went to a prom.

25.  Never learned to "spot".  (It's a dance term.)

26.  Never played a musical instrument.  (I play "at" the piano, but that's not the same thing at all!)

27.  Never been sailing.

28.  Never been skiing.  (That's OK, I'd probably fall off the mountain.)

29.  Never got a tattoo.  (Just in case you were wondering.)

30.  Never been arrested.  (Actually never did anything to get arrested FOR!)

And yet, I don't think my life has been boring.  Maybe one day I'll write about things that I HAVE done.....but that most people haven't!  (It would be a much shorter list!)

What about you?  What haven't you done?  What are your "Never on Sundays?"


  1. The things I HAVE done that you have not, are very few:
    *Drove a stick shift because that was the only kind that existed back the then.
    *Baked many pies from scratch..both fruit and cream.etc.
    *Been to Mexico
    *Saw the Grand Canyon
    *Planted a vegetable garden
    ....but other than that...I also have never done all those things you listed..and I have lived a pretty full life.

    I mean..like you, Mellodee, I don't have a burning desire to do any of those things or feel I missed out on anything by not going to a Prom. None of my boyfriends could afford it. :) And to be honest..neither could my parents.
    So..inspite of the many years difference n our ages, we do have things in common.

  2. Mellodee i think what we have here is a new "bucket list" and i think Lake Huron might be the lake you were searching for.

  3. Wow, Mel... you have quite a list.

    I'd say the only thing I haven't done yet and want to do is go on my long awaited Honeymoon!

    I've done just about everything I have ever wanted to do; mostly because I chose to have a career instead of a family.

    There's still time to do things... cruises are awesome, Cross Country Skiing is not as scary as downhill skiing.


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