Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Casper the Friendly Ghost"

As Casper the Friendly Ghost would say, Happy Halloween!!  I'm a big fan of Halloween, that's why this post is orange!  (Actually I'm a big fan of all holidays!) 

Any way, Halloween seems to be getting bigger and more popular every year.  It used to be that the only decoration most people ever had, was a jack-o-lantern or two and maybe a couple of cornstalks.  Now almost as many people decorate for Halloween as do for Christmas.  Its become big business.  You can find all sorts of pretty, fun, or scary stuff that lights up or moans or howls to add to the festive look of your home, both inside and out. 

The numbers of trick or treaters we get have been continually increasing with last year topping out at around 80 kids.  Due to the fact that both Mikey and I bought candy this year (he never thinks I buy enough and I always think he buys too much), we were keeping track of the number of kids who came to the door.  We were going to get a real tally and write it down for next year!  We were ready for anything.  After all, between the two of us we had accumulated 9 jumbo bags of candy!!

The trick or treaters started earlier, a lot earlier, than they usually do.  That should have been our first clue.  Essentially about every two minutes another group of kids came to the door yelling "Trick or Treat".  There were so cute!  There were lots of zombies, monsters, and princesses, a couple of Harry Potter's, a set of red-haired triplets dressed alike as something we couldn't identify.  Several home made costumes of various sorts that were terrific (put anything I ever made to shame!), even a couple of kids who had no discernable costume at all.  My personal favorites are always the toddler first-timers.  Most of them looked completely befuddled and unsure of what the heck was going on....but, oh so adorable! 

The one thing they all had was some sort of receptacle:  trash bags, plastic bags, pumpkins, homemade carry-alls that matched their costumes.  There was a football helmet and an evening bag turned into a carrying case.  Plus one little Red Riding Hood who walked up, held up her cupped hands, and said proudly, "I just carry it in my hands!"

The best comment of the night came from one of the triplets.  When Mikey and I opened the door, he looked up at us and said, "Are you grandparents?" It wasn't until later in the evening that I realized that what he was really asking was, "Are you dressed up as grandparents?"  As if we were wearing some sort of old people  costumes!!!  Kids are so funny!

On and on they came.  Groups of one or two, often with their parents right behind taking pictures.  Also lots of groups of 7 or 8.  The occasional steady stream of kids one after another when it was impossible to tell who was with who!  Even a couple of "singles" with no one but a parent.  The later the evening got,  the bigger, and older, the groups got.  We began to lose track of the actual numbers for a while.  We began to realize that suddenly there were several vehicles spewing out groups of kids who would hit all the houses on the street, get back in the car or truck and move on to the next street. 

It saddens me but I began to suspect that these kids were being brought in from other parts of town!  Sections of our development are quite wealthy (NOT the section we live in, you understand!) and I wondered if the parents were making sure their kids got "the good stuff" from the "money people".  Its not a great thing to suspect but we had never had so many kids before.  Mikey reminded me that it wasn't the kids fault and I should just let it go.  He was right, so I did.

Well, by 9:00  pm or so we had used up every last piece of candy in the house, (except for the 5 teensy, little snack-sized Payday candy bars I spirited away for my own personal sweet tooth)!!  As close as we can tell, our final tally was somewhere between 192 and 200 kids!!  Good Grief!   Nevertheless, it was a great evening that we enjoyed thoroughly.  All the kids were darling, well-behaved and polite. 

The one thing that really surprised me though was that there was not even one Casper, the Friendly Ghost among them!  Not one little sheeted spirit of any sort.  I guess all the ghosts must have gone by that old haunted house down the way!!    (MWAH-HA-HA.....) 



  1. I'm torn on this because I don't like the idea of driving kids to the "money" neighborhoods to get the good candy. But our little neighborhood isn't near any others so we hardly have any Halloween visitors. Our biggest year, we had about 7. My husband is always so disappointed. He ends up giving the kids about 10 pieces of candy each just to get rid of it.

  2. In your circumstances I can understand taking your kids to a bigger neighborhood. Makes perfect sense. There were just so many of them that it felt bothersome. I'm over it now and its all good and I'm a little embarrassed that I brought it up. :-)

  3. WOW, that is an amazing number of kids!!

  4. P.S. I understand driving your kids to a "better" neighborhood, but good grief, at least make them WALK from street to street. :)

  5. We had a lot of "drive-ins" too. One was a very overweight family who would drop off the kids who would go collect their candy and then get back in the van to be DRIVEN to the next house! That's pretty sad.

    All in all, we had a pretty good number of kids and teenagers. And Ed managed to scare the pee out of a few teenage boys with his Shadow Man outfit. So the evening was a success.

    Love the "grandparents" comment!

  6. Did you have a lot of parents dressed up with their kids? I did. Cute. EXCEPT for the parents who were collecting candy for THEMSELVES!!!! Not cool people! LS

  7. You're kidding!! We had lots of dressed up mommies and daddies. None came to the door with their own bag!

  8. Not kidding at all. 5 or 6 parents had their OWN bags. LS

  9. The best costumed youngun to show up at our doorstep was a littlie lady dressed as Orphan Annie. Of course I started belting out 'The sun will come up tomorrow...' much to her amazement. I said I bet you're getting that at every house. Cathy bet that she wasn't. I didn't notice till she was walking away that her father was dressed as Daddy Warbucks (black tux and skull cap) and her mother as the secretary.

  10. I love it!! That's our kind of family!!


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