Monday, October 12, 2009

"The Counting Song" #2

That old "Counting Song" is poking at me again today.  You know what that means; its time for another list!!    "10 Things That Are Fun to Say!"

10.  Blurb -  If you listen closely it sounds like a body function.  "Oh no! The baby just blurbed all over Great Aunt Martha!!"

9.  Isopropyl Alcohol  -  (I know this is 2 words, but I really like saying them!)  It just rolls right off your tongue.  Try it. 

8.  Otolaryngology -  It looks hard to pronounce, but once you've got it, you can impress people all over town!

7.  Sphygmomanometer -  It's a lot more fun to say than blood pressure cuff!  (Can you tell I have a healthcare background?  OK, no more medical terms.)

6.  Farkle  -  This is the name of a game that's out there that I've never played.  Words that contain the letters "F" and "K" are just intrinsically fun to say.  Don't know why.

5.  Trockenbeerenauslese - (A type of German wine) -  Actually, very nearly any German word is fun to say!

4. Doodle -  Don't you just want this one to go on and on?   Doodle, oodle, ooooooo!

3.  Frickasee -  See there's that "F" and "K" combo again!  Now add chicken in front of it and you've got a guaranteed giggle!

2.  Diptych - (2 painted and hinged panels)  Just sounds funny! (NOT to be confused with Dip Stick!!)

And now for the most fun word of all.....

1.  Marquardt - (its a surname) -  I cannot say this word without laughing out loud.  Makes me think of little green men (who walk in circles like those little wind-up toys) saying repeatedly in their robot voices, "Marquardt!"  Marquardt!!"  "Marquardt!"  Just try picturing it without laughing!  Go on, give it a go!   Funny, huh?  No??  Well, I'm laughing!

The Counting Song has wound down for another day.  No more from me, but I'll bet that you've remembered a few favorites of your own!! I'd love for you to share.  "MARQUARDT!"


  1. So why is diptych funnier than triptych???? Excuse me, I just blurbed! LS

  2. You're excused! (Though you really should have outgrown blurbing by now!)

    Tryptic doesn't make me think of dip stick!

  3. #8 and #9 are two of my favorites too!! I also like the sound of Ophthalmology. What the heck does that say about us? Maybe best we don't know.

  4. Its all that shared background! Besides it takes a while to figure out how to say some of those terms and we're proud! :-)

  5. I like the word "chipper." (In the context of an attitude. Not a wood chipper.)


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