Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"If They Asked Me, I Could Write a Book"

It has become increasingly clear that I have about reached the end of my willingness to venture into new modes of communication and technology.  Texting will never be for me!  Who can see those teeny, tiny letters and screen??  Besides I don't get how texting differs from email, except you do it from your phone!  As for Twitter?  Not a chance! 

My life isn't that interesting, I can't think of anyone who would care, and I have no business, campaign, cause, or project to promote.  Of course, even if I had any of those things, there is an enormous stumbling block in the way.  146 CHARACTERS.   146?  That's all???  It takes me more than 146 characters to get through the introduction!

I don't necessarily mean to be, but I am verbose, long-winded, wordy, and all that.  I couldn't get by with Twittering if my life depended on it.  I would be a terrible print journalist.  I can't live without adverbs, adjectives, exclamations, and hyperbole.  I don't want to even try.

So, if they asked me, I could write a book, I guess, but I sure couldn't Twitter!


  1. Nor could I twit, no tweet, no twit. Oh, I give up.

  2. I'm with you on the Twitter thing. Tried it for about 15 minutes - just more trouble than it's worth. Facebook, e-mail, and my blog are enough. I, too, am wordy and don't like to be held to a maximum number of words. I mean, come on!

    I do periodically text - my brother and son are big on texting. But it's infrequent and my thumbs don't spell well.

  3. Oh, I have to admit I'm somewhat of a Twitter addict. :) I like that since each "tweet" I read or write is short it doesn't take TOO much of my time!

  4. I can appreciate the time thing,, but brief just isn't in my vocabulary!! I can't even do your Six Word Saturdays! :-)


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