Saturday, October 3, 2009

"The Counting Song" #1

No, I'm not reverting to childhood or even babysitting for a little one.  I'm just in the mood for a list!  So, here we go:  TEN THINGS ABOUT MY FAMILY

10.   My maternal grandmother had 13 children!   (Ouch!)

  9.   I have been told that my paternal grandmother's family can trace their ancestry back to the American Revolution.  Also through the paternal side, we are supposedly related to the Union General, Ambrose Burnside from the Civil War.  (Unfortunately, I have no documentation of any of it.  Drat!)

  8.    My mother's family came from either Germany or Poland (depending on who's telling the story!)

  7.   My paternal grandfather came from Denmark (no matter who's telling the story!)  

  6.   Both my mother and my husband are the middle child of their large families.  (That explains a lot!)  

  5.   My father was an only child.  (Also explains a lot!)  

  4.   My mother-in-law had seven children, none weighing less than 9 lbs.  (Little ouch!) They are all still living - aged 74 to 51.  

  3.   I am over 60 years old, but I still have two living uncles, both over 80, I believe (from those original 13 children.)  You go guys!   

  2.   My mother-in-law died at 98 years old.  (Great genes in that family! My family [uncles notwithstanding], not so much!)  

 1.   Neither my father nor my father-in-law have any male grandchildren to carry on the family name.  So both names have already come to an end.  (After all that history, isn't it a shame?)

None of this is all that interesting or unusual, I guess.    But hey, maybe it explains a lot about me!  Or maybe I'll just go and sing "The Counting Song" instead.


  1. Even though it's my family - it's still interesting. One picky thing - don't ever use the green text!! It's very hard to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fixed it! Thanks for pointing it out. Recently when posting, the colors that I can use just up and changed one day. (Fewer, darn it, and not as nice) I'll be sticking to 2 colors that work well. (Figured out how to answer comments after I got home)

  3. Don't completely count out the females in our family! Aunt Pinkie was in her mid-80's before she passed. Aunt Aunt Mary was 90. LS

  4. I didn't really mean to, I was just thinking about the 2 that are left which happen to be male. :>(


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