Monday, January 11, 2010

"Turn, Turn, Turn"

Someone much more eloquent and profound than I once said something like, "January is the cruelest month."  Oh boy, ain't that the truth?  I've always hated January!  Its such a pity to follow up great months like November and December with January.

January really has very little going for it.  All the recent major holidays are all finished and there is not another "fun" holiday coming for several months.  We hit and passed the shortest day of the year back in December, so there is a little more daylight every day but there's not enough accumulated yet to make a real difference.  It has officially been winter since that December date too.  So far, this winter, everybody seems to have been hit with really cold, snowy, rainy (or whatever) all over the country.  Even the great sales in the stores have lessened significantly.   January just goes on and on and on. I can't think of even one good thing that ever happened in January, ever!  Not one good January thing in 63 years!

So (as happens to me every year about now) I am definitely ready to move on.  Let's skip right over the rest of January entirely.  We won't miss anything!   "To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven!"  Well as far as I'm concerned things can "turn, turn, turn" right into SPRING any time now!! 


  1. Swap you with the sweltering Sdyney weather?!

  2. You're on! Last summer Austin had 64 days with temps over 100F. Sweltering doesn't bother me a bit!

  3. I love January!! For me it has always felt like my head finally came above water. No more holidays to deal with, all my decorations are down and the house looks clean and bigger again. And my daffodils and tulips start popping through the ground. It's like Ive been given a blank flip chart for the new year and a huge box of crayons (including burnt sienna and raw umber, my favorites) and the year ahead is mine to draw. I friggin' love this month!

  4. Well, I guess we're not twins after all!


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