Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's All in the Game"

I have always enjoyed word games.  I'm a whizz at Scrabble, not too shabby at Boggle, and so on.  As you might know, I have been taking part in a fun blog entitled, "Seven Days, Seven Answers.   Its a kind of a word game competition.  There are different categories assigned to each day of the week and the author of the blog establishes a "cue" for each day and then selects a winner for each from the entries submitted.  Its a fun concept and some of the cues have been inspired.  Anyone who likes to write or has a quick wit and quirky point of view should really try it. Here's the link:

I am very excited that several of my entries have been selected as a daily winner.  I have 5 different categories where I have been a winner. I have really enjoyed participating, even when I didn't win.  (There are so many clever people out there)  I am pleased to say that I won another one!!   

Of all my entries I really think this one is the best.  I thought I'd share, 'cuz it makes me laugh, so you might think its funny too!  Sooo, here is the set-up and my entry:

Letters: Given either a first line or a set-up, write a letter appropriate to the situation.  Write an email to a friend explaining why you haven't been returning his messages.

We Have A Winner!!! 01/29/10

I've tried to be nice and let you down easily. I've told you that I am in a committed relationshhip. I don't want to hurt your feelings but I have turned you down for every date you've asked me on. I have turned you down for dinner, a movie, ice skating, a baseball game, visiting your mother, overnight camping, Irish Dancing, bowling, hanging out, and a trip to Paris!!

Don't you get it? There is no future for us. Ever! None!! So please, I'm begging, please stop calling me, stop emailing me, stop trying to get me on Twitter (whatever that is), stop serenading me in the middle of the night, stop sending me letters, and above all, stop calling the Police, telling them I am being held captive!!! I have not been kidnapped. Where I live is my own choice. I am happy. My life and my future are none of your concern.

Besides, your actions are seriously annoying all the other Sisters and Mother Superior is definitely getting snarky.

This is my last message!! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Yours in Christ,

Sister Luminaria

Winner: Mellodee

Reason: It may be irreverent but nuns always crack me up.

I know it's bad form to promote yourself, but I really think that's funny!  Hope you thought so too.  If you don't, well, oops, I'm sorry I bothered you.  Come back on another day, maybe you'll like that better.


  1. That's a very funny letter. I find nuns amusing, also. Must be my Italian Catholic upbringing.

  2. I agree, this was funny--a fantastic twist at the end!


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