Monday, February 1, 2010


Somethings we "Celebrate" every year.... Christmas, birthdays, and the like.  Other things we celebrate only when they actually happen.... promotions, engagements.  And still other things we celebrate because they are so very important that they deserve a special acknowledgement. 

Today we celebrated one of the most important events in the history of our family.  Today, February 1, 2010, an enormously critical milestone has been reached.  Today Maddie has reached the Five-Year Cancer Free anniversary!!  Our miracle girl has gone through those five years with absolutely no sign of any possibility that the disease will return.  We can truthfully say that Maddie has been cured of cancer!

All cancer victims dream of reaching that goal, and sadly so many  never get there.  Their cancer recurs and they must once again deal with the uncertainty, the pain, and the fear while they go through another round of treatments that are nearly unbearable.  And if that treatment is successful and the cancer goes back into remission, they must start that countdown clock back to the beginning and hope that this time they will reach that Five Year mark and be labeled "CURED". 

Of course, when you have a child that has fought cancer, that can never be taken for granted.  There will still be bloodtests from time to time and vigilence on the part of her parents to watch for any small sign that something is amiss.  But today and for the next little while, my family can breathe a little easier.  Ratchlet and T.A. can relax a hair, knowing that this important goal has actually been reached.  For the first time in five years, they can say that their daughter is completely healthy!  

We are all grateful beyond belief for the good wishes, prayers, novenas, support, and concern that we have received from our friends, family, and even some relative strangers.  Thank you!  We are grateful to all her doctors and the surgeon.  Thank you!!  And we are grateful to God and all the angels and saints for this wonderful day!  Thank you!!!

It feels as though a hundred pound weight has been lifted from our shoulders and even tho this day will be cold and grey and possibly rainy, to us the sun is shining because our Maddie-the-Great has beaten the odds!

Who knows where her life will take her.  But of one  thing I am absolutely certain; she will do whatever she sets her mind to do.  After all, she's Maddie-the- Great!!
Dancing in the streets will now commence!!!


  1. As I sit here reviewing my data from our interview, I decided to review your Mellodee musings blog.
    I recieved this in an email from a friend who is writing her dissertation on how grandmothers are impacted by having a grandchild with cancer:

    Wow, 5 years! How fantastic! That is wonderful news. I too celebrate, not at a 5 year mark, but at a 3 year end of treatment mark. Hayden received his last treatment on March 2, 2007. He is healthy 8 year old boy. We need to celebrate the good times!

  2. What a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate!!


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