Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Those Oldies But Goodies"

It is amazing what you can find on the Internet!  Yesterday, I was idly surfing, not looking for anything in particular, just kind of bored, hoping something would catch my attention.  And, as always, the Internet came through....I found a site about one of my favorite things!!!  Music!  And not just any music; MY music!! 

Now anybody who knows me, would tell you that "My" music could be anything from Broadway showtunes to Classical. They would be close, but not quite on the money. It's true I have rather eclectic tastes when it comes to music.  In my profile, I say something about liking any music I can sing along with, meaning I prefer vocals rather than instrumentals, but that can depend on my mood. 

Anyone who knows me very well, could tell you that is not "MY"  music!  My music is most definitely "Those oldies but goodies" ....particularly what was popular music during my teenage years (from approx. 1958 to 1965).  Within those parameters 1961, 62, 63, and 64 was the best of the best....the music of my high school years!  "MY" music!  Oh, heaven!!

The site I found was  It has the songs of my youth to listen to or even to purchase.  It has lists of songs broken into a bunch of different genres.  You can find almost anything.  I haven't explore the site much yet, but you can bet I will.

I don't understand it exactly, but that music can transport me (and most other people my age, I'd wager) right back to high school.  If you loved a song then, you'll love it now; if you hated one, you still will hate it.  And if there was a song that had particular meaning for you, the emotions brought on by such song will pop up like shadows and make you remember with crystal-clarity whatever you felt originally.

For instance:  "Pretty Woman"  -  The first time I walked into the student union in college as a brand new freshman, they played that song over and over and over!!  Anytime I hear it, I'm there!

"It's My Party" - Crying my  eyes out over my broken heart at my friend's 16th Birthday party and being comforted by the family's housekeeper.

"Rhythm of the Rain"  -  When I got the flu in 1963 and my dad wouldn't let me talk to the boy who called me for the first time!!

"I Can't Help Falling in Love"  -  I always danced with the same boy every time this song played and never with anyone else when it was on!

"Duke of Earl"  - a pep rally with the entire football team seated on stage doing a synchronized leg-crossing thing.

"Cryin'"  -  At the first high school reunion, finally dancing with a guy I used to cry over.

And on and on...nearly every h.s. memory has a song attached to it and vice versa.  Those songs helped get us through those years which could be turbulent, ecstatic, miserable, lonely, hysterical, or sweet.  There was a song that fit any occasion.  The music inspired, comforted, excited, and entertained us.  It was a part of who we were.  We were the true Rock 'n Roll generation.  We were there for everything from Bill Haley and the Comets ("Rock Around the Clock") up through Elvis, the girl groups, Brenda Lee, Motown, then through the British Invasion that changed everything.  This was our time, our music, and our history. 

Most of the bloggers who read this posting are probably too young to remember any of "MY" music unless they heard it from their parents or possibly even their grandparents (moan!)  They probably liked what they heard when they heard it, but it didn't have the memories or the emotions attached to it the way we do.

Each generation has its own music memories, and emotions and that is how it should be, I guess.  But the music we had was the best ever.  It suited the lives and times we had.  When I hear any of it again, it makes me want to go back to the 1950s-60s and do it all again.  "My" music may be Oldies, but they are definitely Goodies and there is nothing better!


  1. It's really cool how specific your memories are with that music! I don't think I have as many music-related memories as you do, but your post brought back a couple.

  2. Oh goodness, that's a chapter out of my book, the music thing :)) I think I'll send it to you, if you're keen on reading it....

  3. Thanks for the link! Music definitely sooths the soul.

    I remember all your music, it was the music I grew up singing along to as a very little girl.

  4. Oh, what I would give to hear the DJ, “Terry Lee”, music for young lovers. Unless you grew up in Pittsburgh, or more specifically McKeesport, you most likely do not know what I mean. I use to fall asleep every night listening to him in junior and senior high school.

    The last time I searched for Terry Lee, I could not find anything (a few years ago). Thanks for mentioning the music of your generation and part of mine. Now back to writing. I do not have time to reminisce right now, but if you want to know more about Terry Lee, try this link:

  5. So many memories. Mine are Rockin' Robin, Poor Little Fool (I was totally in love with Ricky Nelson), and all the first Beatles songs. I have noticed that it's getting harder and harder to find a station or website that plays that music. I'll definitely check out your link.


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