Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"I'll Be Seeing You"

Some time back I wrote about my dismay at discovering I had catarracts.  Well, my dismay is growing because it seemed as though the dumb things are getting worse!  The vision in my left eye is seriously blurry, especially for distance (as in driving!), with glasses, without glasses, makes no difference.  So I went back to the eye doctor and she did the exam, and the bright light (!) picture thing, and showed me the comparison between my last visit and now.  The damn thing doubled in size!  In less than a year!  

So I asked what my options were and basically what it boiled down to is that there's really only one.... eye surgery!   Holy Crap!  I've got to let somebody poke little knives INTO my eye, let them pull out the lens COMPLETELY, and replace it with a new lens.  Knives into my eye???  Oh, and the kicker?  I get to be awake while they do it!!!  Are they nuts?  Do they truly expect me to just sit there and let them mess around with my EYE?  One of only two eyes I've got??  And they expect me not to freak out?????  Obviously, they do not know me at all.  The very idea of sticking a contact lens in my eye always makes me shudder and they want to use KNIVES??

So being a coward of the first order, I asked what happens if I don't get it fixed?  She told me the blurriness would continue to increase until I lost vision in that eye completely!  Oh great, now there's an option!  I can do nothing and wait to go blind or I can have the surgery and risk losing my eyesight NOW!

Cripes, what a choice!

Of course, I'll have the procedure.  I am not willing to lose the ability to SEE.  After its done, "I'll be seeing you" a lot better than I can now!  At least that's the plan....

Soooo, fellow bloggers, anybody out there who's already gone through this?  Is it as awful as I expect?  Does it hurt??  Tell me your experience.  (Actually, I'm hoping it will reassure me!)  I'm going to see the surgeon for the preliminary exam etc. next Wednesday.  Don't know the doctor, but my doctor told me he wasn't a particularly warm and fuzzy kind of guy, but he was a great surgeon.  Well, I guess if I had to choose, I'd go with great surgeon too....but it sure would be great to have someone who would coddle me just a bit at the same time.

What do I need to ask?  I've never known anyone who went through this so I really don't even know what to ask!  So I need your help, pretty please?  And maybe somebody to come hold my hand.....


  1. Remember Mom had it and she was pretty fine with it. You were out here for it, weren't you? Or shortly after? If Mom could do it without complaining ( and we know how she could whine), you'll be more than fine. LS

  2. Ouch, I'm in the same boat almost. Have a cataract in the right eye which is getting a bit worse, and one starting in the left eye. Since it took me years to even be able to use eye drops, I can appreciate your angst at eye surgery.

    However, people I know who have had it say it's really a nothing procedure and they see really well afterwards. They actually implant a new lens. Glad you're going first!! Then you can allay my fears when my day comes.

  3. Oh, gee, that's me, any little thing I can do to help! HA! Hey, maybe if we went together we could get a quantity discount!!

    I'll keep you posted. Ain't "maturing" great?

  4. My grandpa had his done (both eyes, separate surgeries), not too long ago. Smooth sailing. I would be scared too, but I bet it will go really well. Will they give you a happy pill first? :)

  5. They'd better give me LOTS of happy pills!! Its just the being awake part that seriously makes me break out in a sweat!

  6. Mellodee, I know a number of people who have had this surgery and they all seem to do great. It does SOUND horrible, and it is hard to imagine that you are awake and can see what is being done, but apparently you are drugged enough that you don't care. I'm saying a prayer for you. I'm sure all will go well. You asked if I use the tablescapes that I post on my blog. We do use most of them. I may have posted a few that we haven't actually used, but it's something I enjoy doing. laurie


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