Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Bits and Pieces" -- 2nd Verse

*  Today is National Pancake Day!  IHOP (International House of Pancakes in some places) are offering FREE pancakes!  Whoo Hoo - Free Food!  IHOP is a 24-hour restaraunt so there's still time to hop on over (sorry, couldn't resist!) to get some of those goodies!  Bon appetit!

** So I went to see the Ophthalmological Surgeon today to confirm that my regular Ophthalmologist was right about needing cataract surgery.  After going through the same bright light test and the "Which is Better  1 or 2?" vision test (I hate those!  I can never tell the difference with certainty!) that I just did a couple of weeks ago, and then getting my eyes dilated, the surgeon looked at the results and said "No wonder you're having trouble seeing!"  I took that to mean that yes, indeedy, it was time to let him go digging around in my eye!  (whimper, whimper)  I asked if this was the time for me to tell him that the surgery absolutely terrified me.  He was pretty cool about, smiled a little smile, and said,  "Don't worry, we've got a great anesthesiologist and he's got great "no terror" drugs!"  I found that somewhat reassuring.  Then he said the magic words that will allow me to actually go through with this.  He said, "Besides, you'll sleep through the whole thing."   WHAT??  I DON'T NEED TO STAY AWAKE??  REALLY????  YOU CAN DO THIS WHILE I SLEEP??  The feeling of relief that flooded through me very nearly made me cry.  Oh Yay!  That's the best news I've gotten since I found out about the cataract!   Wheee!

***  I realized today while at the doctor's that I don't think I've ever had my eyes dilated before.  The tech expressed some surprise about that.  What can I say, nobody has ever done it!  When I mentioned that I had come by myself so there was no one to drive me home after the dilation, she told me not to worry, that it would be fine.  Okaaaay, if she said so!  So the exam was finished and I left the building on my way to the car, when I realized that I really couldn't see the obviously new bright white sidewalk there was too much glare!  (Did I mention that there was not one cloud in the sky and the sun was shining as brightly as I have ever seen it??)  I got in the car and was never so grateful for tinted windows in my whole life.  Luckily I only had about 10-12 miles to home.  That was a really good thing because I squinted the whole way home and by the time I pulled into the garage and out of the GLARE, my head hurt, my eyes hurt, and I just wanted to shut my eyes and go to bed!  Of course, the whole thing would have been just a mite easier if I had remembered where I put my sunglasses!

****When I got up this morning (just a tad earlier than usual!), there was still snow on the ground.  Oh! Didn't I mention that it snowed here yesterday??  (silly me!)  It left as much as 2 inches of the stuff scattered all over the place!  Big, fat, fluffy flakes that looked perfectly lovely for about 2 minutes!  Then I remembered what I don't like about snow.  That would be EVERYTHING!!!  It's cold, it's wet, it's slippery, it gets slushy and dirty and messy.  I've built a snowman, had a snowball fight, taken pictures, made angels, slipped in it, sledded in it, shoveled it, fell in it, driven in it, been stuck in it.  Hell, I lived in Chicago for many, many years!  There is nothing further that I wish to do with snow....except never see it again!!  Anyway, when I got up there was still a fair amount of the stupid stuff laying around.  However, my the time I got out of the doctor's office, thanks to that big ole' sun, most of it was gone!  All that was left, was the remnants of half a dozen small little snowmen that some of the kids had made yesterday.  I can live with that!


  1. What GREAT news!! Hooray for anesthesia!!

    Oh, and the doc should have given you some cheapo sunglasses. I'm surprised they didn't offer; they usually do.

  2. Versed is a WONDERFUL drug. And why did you not mention the IHOP thing BEFORE I went to work this afternoon??? :) Mom would have pancakes for dinner there very often when we went. Thinking of IHOP makes me think of her. And smile. LS

  3. I am SOOOO happy to know that they will drug you when you have the procedure! It's my biggest concern about it, being awake while someone is poking something into my eye. Not good.

    As for snow, I love it when I'm in a cozy house with the fire going and a glass of wine and I just see it through the window. Beyond that, it sucks!


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