Sunday, January 3, 2010

"What's the Use of Wonderin'?" (continued)

Another bunch of things I just don't get:

1.   How come, if there is Global Warming, the winters seem colder than ever?

2.  How come taking down Christmas decorations takes so much longer than putting them up?

3.  How can anyone keep up with all the changes, modifications, improvements, new releases, new gadgets, and adapters that are needed for anyone to have an up-to-date and complete computer set up?

4.  How can anyone afford #3?

5.  Speaking of  affording, how can sooo many young couples with little children afford to live in these $1M-plus homes? 

6.  How come clouds, which are made up of nothing more than water, water vapor, and dust, can effectively block out the sun which burns with an unbelievable heat?

7.  How come so many people immediately take down their Christmas decorations on Christmas Day?  

8.  How come it takes a long time to drive somewhere, but the return trip always seems faster?

9.  How come reality TV is soooo popular when its so often about showing people at their worst?

10.  How come grass doesn't grow in the winter, but weeds do?

11.  How come left overs of even your favorite foods can look so unappetizing after only one day in the fridge?

12.  How come you can use a gallon of moisturizer on your skin and the next day you still look like a thousand year old snake?

13.  How come some people always have such incredibly good luck and others never do?

There you have it, a baker's dozen of questions for today to make you ask, "What's the Use of Wonderin'?"


  1. Great, now I'm exhausted thinking about all the things I don't know! Thanks!

  2. Well sure, anything for a friend!

  3. Great questions!! Some I have answers to... some I don't.

    I'm often baffled by young families in those expensive homes. But then I usually find out that they are living far beyond their means, drowning in debt, and living scared all the time. No thank you!!

    We were supposed to take our Christmas tree down today but... I just couldn't find the time so it will stay up for another week!

    And isn't that weird about leftovers? Some things I look forward to having as a leftover... but... some things that I think I'll look forward to as leftovers never get touched!

  4. Don't feel like you're alone with you Christmas tree!! Mine is still up and worse, its still lit!

    And I knew I wasn't the only one who thinks leftovers morph into something totally unappealing! :)

  5. I will enjoy pondering these questions. I could identify with so many of them, since I have often wondered the same things. I also loved your comment on my blog about the secret we don't know about until we become grandparents - so true! I like the way you think! laurie


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