Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"The Friendly Beasts"

I don't like liver.  I don't like freezing weather.  I don't like hip hop music.  And I don't like cats.  Most people would not care about the liver, the weather, or the music; but the cats??   Oh no, that's a whole other story!  Cat people will jump all over me for daring to shudder when I think about a cat....any cat!

Every cat person I've ever encountered likes their cats better than most people they know!!  Cat people have been hypnotized by a little bit of purring and a few funny efforts to catch a string!   So what??  That is just too little reward for putting up with all the rest of their annoying personalities.

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who like cats and those who don't.  People who don't like cats, don't like ANYTHING about them!!  However, the people who do like cats, usually ADORE their cats, often owning more than one.  As long as you don't end up like the little old woman with 37 cats living in a 2 room apartment, I guess that's okay.  I just won't be over to visit anytime within this lifetime! 

People who really like cats absolutely cannot understand why anyone wouldn't like cats.  Well, there are tons of reasons....they jump out at you from some hidden place and scare the living crap out of you....they walk all over kitchen counters and tables during meal time....they spend an inordinate amount of time licking their hairy little bodies, including all the private bits, then they jump on your chair and want to lick YOU....ewww.... they will then proceed to hack up some disgusting goop that cat owners swear is "just" a little hairball,  yeah, right!....they are always begging to go outside where they are known to kill other living things, the little savages....they claw furniture, upholstery, drapes, cabinets, carpets, and small children....they hiss at you!! (well, they hiss at me!!!)....they eat disgusting, smelly, fishy, glop that stinks up the whole house....they are secretive, aloof, self-centered, annoying creatures who don't even come when they are called.  I hate people like that, why would I want to be snubbed by some fuzzy feline who sheds all over me??

Nevertheless, that is just me, I guess.  Heck, my very own sister has multiple cats!!  (Oh, Little Sis, where did we go wrong??)  But hey, it's "live and let live" right?  I don't get the attraction of cats, but as long as I don't have them in my house, I can pretty much ignore their existence in the world. 

HOWEVER, sometimes they refuse to be ignored and they feel free to encroach on MY fenced backyard.  For those who might never have been around cats, you might not realize that there is no fence ever built that cannot be climbed by a determined cat.  The critters are light on their feet, I'll give them that.  They can practically leap straight up from a standing position and land on the top of an 8 ft. fence that is only about 2 in. wide, and they do it easily.

Well today, one of those predatory, nearly feral creatures, waltzed right into my yard and proceded to STALK our little bunny visitor!!!!  Luckily I just happened to walk by the back door and caught the cat in mid-stalk.  As soon as I opened the door, the interloper was off like a shot and disappeared back over the fence.  But I can't spend all my time out in back warding off the unwanted cat!

It isn't yet clear whether our little bunny is here as a permanent resident  or just passing through.  Either way, he/she is welcome!  I would like to be able to offer a safe haven to our little friend without the interference of a big ol' uninvited cat twice his size.

Neighbors, can't your cat go stalk somebody else?   Or better yet, please just keep your cats at home!  Our bunny is one of "The Friendly Beasts" and is welcome here for as long as he likes, but he won't stay if that cat keeps hanging around too!  'Cuz I seriously doubt the bunny likes cats any more than I do!


  1. I am not a cat person either. It doesn't help that in adulthood I've developed a cat allergy! I hope the cat leaves that poor bunny alone!

  2. I love my two cat's Ethyl and Lucy. I also love my grand doggies who live next door. I do know you either love or hate cats much like people love or hate snakes. Cats can be taught to have manners. :) I do not like cat hair and I do not believe cats should be allowed to run wild. I think they need to have tags like dogs and be kept on a leash when outside. If they had these laws the cat population would not be so out of hand and our dear birds would be safer. I will give you a warning if I ever post about my Lucy and Ethyl. :)

  3. When I was a child, my aunt had a cat that would lurk under furniture and jump on me when I walked by! Scared the "you know what" out of me (literally)! I can pet a cat, but I really don't want to live with one. I've never understood why people think it is okay to let their cats roam the neighborhood. It's not good for their pet or for other animals and some humans. Hope your little bunny will not have any more trouble with the big, bad cat. laurie

  4. I'm sorry you can not appreciate cats.

    There was a time that I didn't like cats but that all changed when one adopted me. Chelsea the cat was awesome.

    I love people more than cats... cats serve a purpose for humans.

    That little bunny in your yard... if you have a garden, they'll eat it. They take over Woodchuck burrows... the holes in your lawn are hidden, escape holes which your foot can go into and break your ankle.

    So... I love bunnies but not in my yard. They are rodents. They bring with them disease.

    My cats know their job, to kill rodents and they do a great job.

    Cats are beautiful creatures. Why do you believe a bunny is better than a cat?

    Do you eat meat? You are a predator if you eat meat... you are no different than a cat chasing the bunny.

    Anyway... that's my opinion. Sorry you don't like cat people, it's a bit unfair that you are clumping all of us together into one stereotype, is this really a fair?

    It's similar to saying that all of one ethnic group is lazy because of a misguided perception.

    Cats are beautiful animals who know unconditional love... how can one not enjoy being on the receiving end of unconditional love?

    Oh well... to each his own.

  5. I used to think the only good cat was a sail cat. But after my daughter brought three of them home from the pet hospital where she worked, I grew to enjoy them. And I definitely prefer them over dogs - no need to walk them every night, no need to pick up their poop all over your yard and everyone else's, no crotch sniffing, no barking, no jumping on people. At this stage of my life, the only pet I want is the stuff bear my grandkids left here!

  6. Oh my, Susan. I really hit a nerve with you, I guess.

    As I said, I understand that those who love cats have the right to do so. I feel that way about dogs. Everyone is different and entitled to their own preferences. As for the bunny, he's not a pet, I don't feed him, or give him water, or play with him, I just think he's cute and I've never had one visit before. My yard doesn't have woodchuk burrows or a "garden", its just grass and a few bushes. I just would prefer not to find the "remains" of any animal in my yard. :)

  7. No offense Big Sis, but dogs destroy furniture, curtains, shoes,etc just like cats. Dogs will bark at you and scare the heck out of you. Dogs will jump on you - often unwanted. Ahem, recall the German Shepherd incident in Aunt Pinkie's dining room? To this day I am scared of German Shepherds. And let us not forget dear little Bibs' habit of peeing because she was so excited for company to be over. So let's just say NEITHER species is perfect. And btw, I've loved every dog you've ever had. LS


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