Monday, May 31, 2010

"Tan Shoes with Pink Shoe Laces"

I am not a slave to fashion and I never have been, at least not completely.  I am blessed to be able to tell if an outfit is "good" on me or not.  I don't choose expensive clothes on a regular basis.  Nevertheless, I would venture to say that most people who know me would say I am well-dressed.  I try to choose things that are somewhat classic in style but with a little bit of flair.  In one area, however, I feel compelled to follow the "rules". 

White shoes do not touch my feet until Memorial Day and they scurry back into my closet promptly on Labor Day....always!

I have no idea who made that rule or what the reason for it is, nonetheless, that's the way it is!  White belongs to summer and Memorial Day is the start of summer, there's no getting around it.  Other things depend more on temperature; tank tops, sandals, shorts, flowery prints in bright colors are part of my wardrobe whenever the temps get above 85 F.   But even if its 103 F on May 15, my shoes will not be white!

I know that some people hate white shoes on general principle, but I have always liked them.  When you live in a warm climate, white shoes are just cooler!  They don't absorb as much heat as darker colors and that's important.  Also I just think white shoes are more "summery" and fun!

Of course, there are other actions that summer requires more frequently, like pretty toes, smooth and tanned legs, lots of all know the drill.  Winter can hide a wide variety of grooming lapses!  Summer, however, gives you nothing to hide behind and its a lot of work to maintain that summer look.  The white shoes don't require a thing except occasionally a good wipe down after wearing.  Easy peasy!

So from now until Labor Day, you can pretty much expect to see me in white shoes, even if they turn out to be just Keds!


  1. I so remember those rules! However, I haven't owned a pair of white shoes since my teens so it's no longer an issue for me. And having lived in Tucson for 30 years, actual "summer" is sort of a non-event. It's summer there from March through October!

  2. First, your title is one of my FAVE fun songs!! And it will now be stuck in my head!

    I'm no fashion slave, either. I wear what fits and is comfortable. Those are the only fashion rules I follow! However, as I lose weight and my body becomes more toned, i find myself drawn towards prettier clothes that I never considered before.

  3. I wear sandals all summer but I'll warn you: Don't look at my toes if you see me. :-D They are not pedicured or pretty!

  4. I love the look of white shoes, although I do admit to feeling a little bit like Minnie Mouse when I wear a pair myself!

    But white Keds? Perfect.


  5. I grew up with the same rule and to this day I also am not comfortable in white till after memorial Day. Like Eternal Lisdom...your song is now stuck in my head.:)

  6. -Isn't it funny how things stick with us, even though we learned them long ago? Evidently, it's true for both traditions and songs!!! :)

  7. Yep! We can get out the white shoes now. All of those things I've been hiding during the winter are showing up now. Just before I clicked on your blog, I was thinking that I have GOT to do some work on my toe nails immediately-not to mention shaving my legs! laurie

  8. Mellodee-I found you via a comment at Lauries's--Nice to "meet" you! I don't know if that rule is a southern thing, but it is ingrained in me also. I've taught my boys (snappy dressers :0) that the same rule applies to seersucker suits!


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